I know that girl actress

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mujaMuja #136971 - España
I love this song. but I hate both actor and actress in it - I like saif though.I am way much better than her- she got nothing & i don't know why she is acting. I admire her ... If a girl likes a guy Why can't send proposal to his family..... :( this is  ...
Barbie-GirlBarbie-Girl en Bargis #217251 - España
hmm... okey.. well I'm a girl and this video is not for kids...just so you know :). 22 Abril ..... Destiny Hope "Miley" Cyrus is a very famous Actress/Singer!
Hijo de la lunaHijo de la luna #289747 - España
Amazing once more! I'm going to run out of compliments for you, even though I know you get the picture. ..... Is the female singer German, French or something? She has a very strong ...... that is the actress Leve Talor ...right? 24 Marzo de 2009 ...
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