Agar Tum Mil Jao - Tassawar Khanum

Natia nebieridze agar mikvarxar
Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaaye

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  • cbh2207
    wow!! i can't belive my eyes n ears....great songs ...copied exctly by bollywood musician...
    22 Abril de 2008 - cbh2207 #1
  • a2zaawara
    Yup mate. Its hard to beleive but this is truth. Bollywood is copying lot of music and films. Like a recent famous song of Gangster Ya Ali is also a copy of arabian song. The orginal song is Ya Ghali by Guitara
    22 Abril de 2008 - a2zaawara #2
  • cbh2207
    i know,... u r talking about yaa ali...& dat ws copied from ya ghali..wen i heard ya ghali, i ws shocked..
    22 Abril de 2008 - cbh2207 #3
  • utuber420
    search gul de shi
    22 Abril de 2008 - utuber420 #4
  • ideservesu
    Thanx a lot dude, i m looking for another video "Thu meri zindagi hai" sung by the same singer. Can any one upload it plzzzzzz
    22 Abril de 2008 - ideservesu #5
  • a2zaawara
    Thanx for ur appreciation. But I also get it from another user on youtube. And his account is suspended at the moment. I only post it again because he didn't put proper tags and nobody could ever find that. I am so sorry I dont have any videos.
    22 Abril de 2008 - a2zaawara #6
  • Munujar
    I am the same user who put all these videos, but do not want to get my this account also deleted :(
    22 Abril de 2008 - Munujar #7
  • a2zaawara
    I think you also put some other videos due to which your account has been deleted
    22 Abril de 2008 - a2zaawara #8
  • enigmaticgal88
    unka naak chadhana is shooo cute
    22 Abril de 2008 - enigmaticgal88 #9
  • a2zaawara
    Yup she was famous for her nose gesture
    22 Abril de 2008 - a2zaawara #10
  • MomineMubtila
    i went to a indian friend,they were watching an indian movie "Zeher",as I was surprised to C that i can guess each and every move in movie,than i realised that it is a complete copy of Danzial washigton's movie "Out of Time" with stolen Pakistani music, look how they r generating money doing nothing, thieves
    22 Abril de 2008 - MomineMubtila #11
  • Jalilm123
    perhaps no more creative persons in indian? film industry ?
    22 Abril de 2008 - Jalilm123 #12
  • saifurrehmansaif
    ik vind dit is luik song.Rotterdam
    22 Abril de 2008 - saifurrehmansaif #13
  • utuber420
    Punjabis out of Holland!
    22 Abril de 2008 - utuber420 #14
  • sohairx33
    omg they copied...........
    22 Abril de 2008 - sohairx33 #15
  • haqnelson
    If this lady was in india she would have been on tv all the time,this is where pakistani channels dont do justice to our wonderfully talented performers.
    22 Abril de 2008 - haqnelson #16
  • redsun123
    22 Abril de 2008 - redsun123 #17
  • lokegeet
    This song copy in India new film very nice song Thanks.
    22 Abril de 2008 - lokegeet #18
  • wurud
    indianas always copy our songs
    22 Abril de 2008 - wurud #19
  • wmalik1
    i'm SO happy to have found a song by tasswar khanum on youtube thank you SO much. ive been searching for her cd's or cassettes here in canada for so long and havent been able to find anything. COULD YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post up tu meri bandagi hai. i will be SO grateful to you if you can do that ive been searchign for that song for the past 2 years everywhere. PLEASE post it soon im waiting. thank you very much ill really appreciate it
    22 Abril de 2008 - wmalik1 #20
  • aussiedixit
    this is a beautiful song
    22 Abril de 2008 - aussiedixit #21
  • digitalboygermany
    i love this song.soooooo lovely song.thanks to you.....bye Riaz Ahmad WEST Germany
    22 Abril de 2008 - digitalboygermany #22
  • saifurrehmansaif
    app ke muskaraat ke kayh baat hay i loved that, saifholland.
    22 Abril de 2008 - saifurrehmansaif #23
  • saifurrehmansaif
    butty ful lady migic samle great song ,saif holland
    22 Abril de 2008 - saifurrehmansaif #24
  • fugueldu93
    plz post one song for me....that is dil ke arma by salma Agar
    22 Abril de 2008 - fugueldu93 #25
    22 Abril de 2008 - PAKIZFOLYFE786 #26
  • harshvardhan1
    oh i see from where bollywood copied , yes they copy from everywhere and from countries that have less understanding of patents , copright and registration . the original singer thus suffers .
    22 Abril de 2008 - harshvardhan1 #27
  • shirinjaan
    bahut khoob. original is the best.thx
    22 Abril de 2008 - shirinjaan #28
  • yahqurban
    22 Abril de 2008 - yahqurban #29
  • preston104
    Indian copy everything and everyone. Worshipers of rising sun.
    22 Abril de 2008 - preston104 #30
  • Rashidali490767
    great and glorious. I wonder if u could down load her song " yu meri zandagi hai"Cheers.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Rashidali490767 #31
  • digitalboygermany
    hi i look this video daily many time .... bye
    22 Abril de 2008 - digitalboygermany #32
  • sgsm261
    Hallo,ich höre? mehrmals am tag, danke
    22 Abril de 2008 - sgsm261 #33
  • maxcheema
    22 Abril de 2008 - maxcheema #34
  • amnabutt123
    aagr tum mil jao..... hayeeeeeeeee......BEST OF THE BEST !!! PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!
    22 Abril de 2008 - amnabutt123 #35
  • amrbkua
    aagr tum mil jao..... hayeeeeeeeee......I enjoyed the comment more than the song. very nice !
    22 Abril de 2008 - amrbkua #36
  • amrbkua
    22 Abril de 2008 - amrbkua #37
  • MIssN0rge
    once again.. indian copied our song lolz...Original is original =D
    22 Abril de 2008 - MIssN0rge #38
  • wurud
    indians copied our song this is the orignal
    22 Abril de 2008 - wurud #39
  • Lozie82
    i have no idea what she's singing about but it's beautiful...
    22 Abril de 2008 - Lozie82 #40
  • helomoto123456
    top song but is it her original song
    22 Abril de 2008 - helomoto123456 #41
  • Shamsie
    Love the song and singer. I still remember watching her on PTV around 20 years ago. She appeared quite regularly. She is not only blessed with a beautiful voice but her trademark nose movement(at 1:12 in this song) makes her songs more viewable.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Shamsie #42
  • adu143
    I being an Indian and of the young generation respect tasawur kannum. Simply great and our bollywood song is no way close to it. Especially theme of the song is scewed up by the video. Lets not bring political differences in arts and culture. We are sharing a good relation and give take stuff in movies and music and lets continue it. We respect and enjoy all the great musicians from Pakistan just like we do any great artist. Thanks for sharing this video anyway
    22 Abril de 2008 - adu143 #43
  • adu143
    I mean mention of "theme of the video". I din mean this video. but the video in the movie
    22 Abril de 2008 - adu143 #44
  • habibshah4u
    What a vioce she has..she is realy a class..simply incredible
    22 Abril de 2008 - habibshah4u #45
  • sayyedrizvi
    i love her lips peculiar lips movement, she is a great singer. i saw her after a long long time may be 20 25 years. wow.
    22 Abril de 2008 - sayyedrizvi #46
  • sayyedrizvi
    opps i mean lips movement (not the lips), just clearifying not to disrespect her. sorry about typing mistake.
    22 Abril de 2008 - sayyedrizvi #47
  • Moneymakero1
    I love it!
    22 Abril de 2008 - Moneymakero1 #48
  • superrated
    Nice..wah? re are being your own self. I like the originality
    22 Abril de 2008 - superrated #49
    22 Abril de 2008 - MISSFIRING666 #50
  • desiny
    "Zamana" wont leave you, you have to leave Zamana :D
    22 Abril de 2008 - desiny #51
    i knw ill leave the zamana but wud they leave me?
    22 Abril de 2008 - MISSFIRING666 #52
  • desiny
    who cares if they leave you or not?? you gotta decide for yourself
    22 Abril de 2008 - desiny #53
    its not dat easy man.
    22 Abril de 2008 - MISSFIRING666 #54
  • desiny
    well it depends upon for what you are willing to leave zamana, and how strong is your love for that.
    22 Abril de 2008 - desiny #55
    no matter how strong it is 4 ur own happines u cant leave every1. to make ur own hart happy breaking 10 harts ??? wat happines is dat?
    22 Abril de 2008 - MISSFIRING666 #56
  • desiny
    sometimes it is more important to make happy one heart over 10 hearts ;)
    22 Abril de 2008 - desiny #57
    mayb da sacrifice i make in dis life wud get me sumwer in the next life......................
    22 Abril de 2008 - MISSFIRING666 #58
  • alina342
    it will it wont go for waste INSHALLAH by the way utt oyye at ur comment!!!! lolllll
    22 Abril de 2008 - alina342 #59
  • ravikarya
    What a wonderful voice and what wonderful words. Thanks.
    22 Abril de 2008 - ravikarya #60
  • digitalboygermany
    very? nice
    22 Abril de 2008 - digitalboygermany #61
  • mrmjawan
    indians took every thing from pakistan for their success. they copy every stunning and melodious song of lollywood.
    22 Abril de 2008 - mrmjawan #62
  • casanova521
    classics of pak songs ever desired by india which shows recently in thier movies always sme songs .hail pak
    22 Abril de 2008 - casanova521 #63
  • KinGMaT1234
    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks to you for thes vidio. you are great. I mean it.
    22 Abril de 2008 - KinGMaT1234 #64
  • nimbu786
    what a song , noor jahan sang it so well as well....indians spoiled it big style , they spoil everything though !!
    22 Abril de 2008 - nimbu786 #65
  • zeeshankhokhar
    that is true
    22 Abril de 2008 - zeeshankhokhar #66
  • SRJamali
    this song is origional sung by tasawar khanum not noor jehan..
    22 Abril de 2008 - SRJamali #67
  • queennikki01
    Such a sweet song. I love it so much..
    22 Abril de 2008 - queennikki01 #68
  • kirandhada
    beautiful song modernised but not ruind by bollywood.. rare talent comin from pakistan..
    22 Abril de 2008 - kirandhada #69
  • kami9039
    nice song
    22 Abril de 2008 - kami9039 #70
    Any body, who wrote the lyrics (Shayar)?
    22 Abril de 2008 - SHIVCHACHA #71
  • curiousquest
    My best compliment to her and i must she is the best .I welcome all over the world in my email respond for her other songs .With best regards from Vancouver (canada)with lots of wishes.
    22 Abril de 2008 - curiousquest #72
  • parakh
    Really a great song and better then the copied bollywood version(i really like that too). Who wrote this song anybody, please...
    22 Abril de 2008 - parakh #73
  • hardworking4ever
    i loved this song ...bollywood is gud in copying but this time i am happy that they coppies gud thing ....she is awsome i am her great fan.....
    22 Abril de 2008 - hardworking4ever #74
  • shaherome
    Not only she sings beautifully, her "adayien bhi ghazab ki hein"
    22 Abril de 2008 - shaherome #75
  • shaista114
    I love her persanality and songs she is great singer and lady.
    22 Abril de 2008 - shaista114 #76
  • maaya71
    i simply wonder and ashamed for the bankruptcy f indian music directors...such a shameless copy...this s much beter than wat v heard in movie zeher..
    22 Abril de 2008 - maaya71 #77
  • kunzshah
    nahein muqadar mein tireh kuchai janaa-zidagi kiun iss aus mein mar mar ke jiye koi- shaed ke na, rehm aey uss bay nayaz ko- din kiun ro ro ker zindagi ke bitaye koi
    22 Abril de 2008 - kunzshah #78
    wow very nice ... Agar tum mil jao
    22 Abril de 2008 - WINFOXUS #79
  • karlojokarnahai
    Simply breathtaking..ghazab adayegee aur shayeree...faiz ahmed faiz i think.
    22 Abril de 2008 - karlojokarnahai #80
  • nuhrisha
    Wow, what a voice!!! Excellent performed. The Bollywood version is nothing compared to this. Has anyone has it on MP3? Mail it to me pleeeeeease.I would be very grateful to add it to my collection.
    22 Abril de 2008 - nuhrisha #81
  • jagraj06
    Bollywood copy's one song...Even after robbing Hindu land, Paki's copy Indian culture, custom's, ritual's, cuisine, clothing, languages etc...get over it!
    22 Abril de 2008 - jagraj06 #82
  • zahidpk87
    they didnt copy 1 song :) the list is endless! Indians just cant make their own stuff!
    22 Abril de 2008 - zahidpk87 #83
  • theb0inextd00r
    shows how much you know mate.we didnt rob no land we got what was ours..oh and what do you mean were robbing indian culture?.. we are part of the indian culture.pakistan was part of india so obviously we will have a similar culture.and an original is original and there is a difference between copying something and shareing it!!
    22 Abril de 2008 - theb0inextd00r #84
  • Sufibabaonline
    Look @ India b4 muslim conquest & after.Its a diff country.Most Indian Cusine is Muslim, Nan Kebab tikka Biryani etc.Muslim urdu writers dominate Bollywd.Muslim architecture dominant in India-domes arches etc. I.D of India is Taj Mahal.Clothing-Indians used 2 wrap loose clothing round their body till people frm Central Asia introduced India 2 stitching.Music - Amir Khusro invented tabla? sitar ragas Qwali Ghazal.Read Indian history b4 uttering rubbish.Pakistan Zinabad;Zindabad another urdu word
    22 Abril de 2008 - Sufibabaonline #85
  • a2zaawara
    I have already told u that swearing at Muslims will not help u. If u want clean discussion then u r welcome. I am removing ur comment.
    22 Abril de 2008 - a2zaawara #86
  • a2zaawara
    Yup truth hearts thats why you are trying to be aggressive. Its better to check my profile then have a little thought. If u can judge things then thats enough for you to understand lot of things. In every comment you are saying Muslims are this and that, Pakistani are this and that but I didnt even say a single word to you. Anyway now I will not tolerate any comment. If you want some guidance then PM me and I will tell you some good forums where you will get answer to ur every question.
    22 Abril de 2008 - a2zaawara #87
  • eastsidesi4eva
    any 1 have this song???? please message me
    22 Abril de 2008 - eastsidesi4eva #88
  • dua2002
    Why do we make this a ground to discuss politics of Pakistan and India Just relax and enjoy the wonderful ghazals and videos from back home...we are lucky for UTUBE that is providing us all these nice songs
    22 Abril de 2008 - dua2002 #89
  • quickfixyz
    its not about politics, its about giving credit to the deserving, to the person who worked hard for the achivement, and justice. well...?
    22 Abril de 2008 - quickfixyz #90
  • sainpur
    thanks...i wasnt aware of dat dis is d real...track......gr8
    22 Abril de 2008 - sainpur #91
  • faisalatiq
    woow nice song thankz for uploding
    22 Abril de 2008 - faisalatiq #92
    what a nice poetry long live Urdu!!
    22 Abril de 2008 - HAMIDALSULTAN #93
  • aanchal23
    unbelievably mesmerizing....urdu zubaan ki mithaas la jawaab hai ;)thnx for posting:)
    22 Abril de 2008 - aanchal23 #94
  • SohailSahto
    22 Abril de 2008 - SohailSahto #95
    kia rangeen culture hai hamara!! USS samane wale sharif adami ki udaasi par bhi ghaor karoo jo salwar kameez main hai! pata ni bechara shaadi shudda hai ya nahin! kyun bhai?????
    22 Abril de 2008 - HAMIDALSULTAN #96
  • Dudeyfruity
    Adab saab!
    22 Abril de 2008 - Dudeyfruity #97
  • hassantitu35
    wonderful song , look tassawur khanum's foot is rythmic ,moving according to taal.
    22 Abril de 2008 - hassantitu35 #98
  • utuber420
    What is a Pakistani song? Is there also a "Saudi Arabic" song, a "United Arab Emiratic" song?
    22 Abril de 2008 - utuber420 #99
  • hyderabadboy20
    is this pakistani song?hi i heard this song in indian film !thx!
    22 Abril de 2008 - hyderabadboy20 #100
    yeh insaani song hai yar !! chhoro fuzul baatein
    22 Abril de 2008 - HAMIDALSULTAN #101
  • Redsparklez
    yuh ... it is actually a pakistani song... but this was definetly sung wayyyyyyy before the indian song.. anyways I love indian song as well!!!
    22 Abril de 2008 - Redsparklez #102
  • quickfixyz
    now we have to remember, if there is any good bollywood song, it has been copied from pakistan or from past muslim poets , indian for sure cannot be creative only copy the orginal.
    22 Abril de 2008 - quickfixyz #103
  • prettysweet05
    but still it sounds good and i still appreciate the productions of pakistani? even thoe im INDIAN :)
    22 Abril de 2008 - prettysweet05 #104
  • BUZ1954
    We (people of the subcontinent) should b able to appreciate what is good regardless of who's is it. We should also be able to appreciate our? sports teams when they play well regardless of our origin. This would prove our maturity.
    22 Abril de 2008 - BUZ1954 #105
  • yousafzia
    22 Abril de 2008 - yousafzia #106
  • alvima1986
    Yes this is pakistani song,? its i thing 15 to 20 years old , i cant remember the name of film, ( Mr. Budhu ) i thinkLater it was remix in Indian film
    22 Abril de 2008 - alvima1986 #107
  • amangillsandhu
    my favourite all the time.
    22 Abril de 2008 - amangillsandhu #108
  • cutemuskan
    Agar tum mil jao tou sub kuch choor dain gey hum dil kia hey jan dey dain gey azmaish shert hey
    22 Abril de 2008 - cutemuskan #109
  • sadia2124
    great supper hit very very beautiful poetry.
    22 Abril de 2008 - sadia2124 #110
  • pashtaanah
    thanks a lot for uploading this song,but? do you have Parveen shakir's(Toti Hai Meri neend Magaar Tum Ko Es se kya)sung by Tassawar khanum?If yes......plz upload it.
    22 Abril de 2008 - pashtaanah #111
  • prarthanarana
    no matter when we listen to? the songs , it always soothes our minds and hearts. she is a great singer who has not been given her due by the society. she needs more recognitoin in this paternalistic society
    22 Abril de 2008 - prarthanarana #112
  • imitali
    she i s amazing and with a beautiful face and voice, she is in mom's generation, but when i listened to this song,? i have fallen in love with her...i am sorry that i was too young when to she beagn
    22 Abril de 2008 - imitali #113
  • imitali
    singing.. i listen to a lot of music, but i never heard her name, you r correct, she had several songs that were great, but the indian movie people even stole this song...thank u for posting, i? cant stop listening to this..i wish i was one of the people in the front row seeing her live.. that must be amazing
    22 Abril de 2008 - imitali #114
  • faizhakim
    Plagarism is the sincerest form of appreciation. Stop using words such as stole et al. Indian movie industry copies stories, songs, tunes, all the time and? not just from Pakistan but from Hollywood, Classical English Music, ... and it also does a tremendous amount of original work as well. Relax and enjoy. No need to get your shorts in a bunch.
    22 Abril de 2008 - faizhakim #115
  • quickfixyz
    still it is called stealing.
    22 Abril de 2008 - quickfixyz #116
  • a2zaawara
    @ faizhakim. I was? really surprised after reading ur comment on the basis of Darwin. From ur name, u looks like a Muslim. Not only people across the border but Muslims in the whole world do not beleive on Darwins Theory. His theory is an insult to the humanity. So Im removing ur comment.
    22 Abril de 2008 - a2zaawara #117
  • faizhakim
    Removing Darwin's Theory related comment by my Pakistani friends was expected and it is a symptom of the malaise effecting your country. Indeed I am a Muslim and yet I believe in Darwin's Theory. Darwin's Theory decsribes the physical world and Islam deals with the spiritual world. It is best that we not mix the two. But I expect you to delete this comment as well. :-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - faizhakim #118
  • a2zaawara
    Islam deals with everything not just spiritual world.? And Darwin's theory is the negation of a creator. But according to Muslim beleif Allah is the creator of everything. So its just the opposite of Muslims beleif.
    22 Abril de 2008 - a2zaawara #119
  • mdimran001
    Mr. Faiz will you tell me if you beleive in darwin then what would be next developement of human being, According to darwin human being was monkey once and after revoution they got the present shape SO according to you and your master Darwin what would be the next physical appearence of human being
    22 Abril de 2008 - mdimran001 #120
  • a2zaawara
    I have removed the reply of faizhakim. That was full of hatered. I cant understand, he is saying himself Muslim and then beleive on Darwin's theory. And also I am blocking him as well. Because there was not any type of discussion in the comments, just hatered? and vulgarity.
    22 Abril de 2008 - a2zaawara #121
  • ashokdhulgande
    22 Abril de 2008 - ashokdhulgande #122
  • barrynirmal
    beautiful ghazal. beautiful singer.
    22 Abril de 2008 - barrynirmal #123
  • superrated
    Thanx for the information on the origination of this song. Tassawar Khanum is a great singer. Thanx also for this video clip.
    22 Abril de 2008 - superrated #124
  • melbournepure
    i think all indians should understand the true fact that bollywood music is popular due to pak in every aspect...lyrics,peotry,music,t une what so ever......and its fact...
    22 Abril de 2008 - melbournepure #125
  • lub783
    listen faiz this is a video of a song...its got nothing to do with darwin; take your comments where theyre wanted...thanks.
    22 Abril de 2008 - lub783 #126
  • manjit1966
    Great rendition. This has the real magic. The bollywood version is shameful in thatthey stole this and put it to a vulgar film clip of kissing. I could not watch it again
    22 Abril de 2008 - manjit1966 #127
  • manzurkhan76
    well said, bollywood is not what it used 2 b
    22 Abril de 2008 - manzurkhan76 #128
  • kritikaShawn
    Guys!! Music has no religion or country..enjoy the music and cherish the great singers.
    22 Abril de 2008 - kritikaShawn #129
  • manzurkhan76
    the new version is nice, just the video i can't stand...but this is the real thing, pure classic & timeless composition that can't be touched
    22 Abril de 2008 - manzurkhan76 #130
  • balaji345
    WOW!! Great song.. Madam you rock!!! Much better that the Indian Zeher song.. Classics are the best..
    22 Abril de 2008 - balaji345 #131
  • ezeeusb
    Originly she sung this song for..Pakistani Film: Imandar (1974)Actors:Nisho, Munawar Zarif, Deeba, Rangeela, Talish, Tariq Aziz,...Director: S.T Zadi Music: NashaadSingers:Masood Rana, Robina Badar, Tassawar Khanum,...
    22 Abril de 2008 - ezeeusb #132
  • a2zaawara
    Thanx a lot for this info.
    22 Abril de 2008 - a2zaawara #133
  • a2zaawara
    I have added the info in the song description.
    22 Abril de 2008 - a2zaawara #134
  • xakakhan
    No match for original stuff. Love this song. Touches the core of heart. Takes the emotions out of your heart into your eyes. Great work.
    22 Abril de 2008 - xakakhan #135
  • arsal385
    another piece of plagiarism by bollywood
    22 Abril de 2008 - arsal385 #136
  • ViCoDkL
    what does it meen... Agar tum mil jao?
    22 Abril de 2008 - ViCoDkL #137
  • bromora
    Agar tum mil jao =If you be minezamana choD denge hum =I will leave this world behindGreat song!! Yeah it was copied but many would not have come across it otherwise and the "remix" is great too.
    22 Abril de 2008 - bromora #138
  • xxrahilaxx
    Woah i didn't know this song xisted before the movie Zeher.This version is really good as it's sung by one of our own xx
    22 Abril de 2008 - xxrahilaxx #139
  • xeebutt
    Of course! Perhaps a blockbuster hit prior to ur? birth
    22 Abril de 2008 - xeebutt #140
  • tenorvagen
    music have no language.. from sweden.. we love this song..
    22 Abril de 2008 - tenorvagen #141
  • xeebutt
    Awesom.....great.....a typical prototype of classical music...Thanx Mr.Awarar for posting it
    22 Abril de 2008 - xeebutt #142
  • scrubs220
    hamara gana chori kia??????????? choreeee, kyun??
    22 Abril de 2008 - scrubs220 #143
  • tenorvagen
    if i learn hindi will i understand this song?
    22 Abril de 2008 - tenorvagen #144
  • cyrusvids
    Yes if you learn Urdu then you will understand this song. It is from a Pakistani urdu movie
    22 Abril de 2008 - cyrusvids #145
  • awaisyboy
    what film
    22 Abril de 2008 - awaisyboy #146
  • cyrusvids
    Read above "About This Video". You have to click on "MORE" to read MORE.
    22 Abril de 2008 - cyrusvids #147
  • cyrusvids
    Read above "About This Video". You have to click on "MORE" to read MORE.
    22 Abril de 2008 - cyrusvids #148
  • cyrusvids
    Yes if you learn Urdu then you will understand this song. It is from a Pakistani urdu movie
    22 Abril de 2008 - cyrusvids #149
  • gorapup
    Awesum...beautifully sung.....very intense voice....!!!
    22 Abril de 2008 - gorapup #150
  • scotishpearl
    nothing to say,evergreen song.
    22 Abril de 2008 - scotishpearl #151
  • nwadia9
    It is one of the most beautiful song which i heard in an indian movie and thought it is indian.
    22 Abril de 2008 - nwadia9 #152
  • khan1256
    cannot beleive indians copied this song also, shame on them
    22 Abril de 2008 - khan1256 #153
  • wsnyc80
    The Indians should've asked her for her permission, paid her, or atleast gave her credit for the song.If an American copied a Canadian? song, the Canadian would sue the American for millions of dollars. Too bad South Asia doesn't have laws preventing one's hard work from being stolen.
    22 Abril de 2008 - wsnyc80 #154
  • Buffyfan90
    actually, though she was not credited, anu malik stated he recreated the track, so it was never considered to be original to begin with. I also knew of this song before the zeher version came out. both are nice
    22 Abril de 2008 - Buffyfan90 #155
  • wsnyc80
    Dont you think its wrong for her song to be stolen and not even given credit for?
    22 Abril de 2008 - wsnyc80 #156
  • transgroove
    Yes! Found this video 3 days ago during searching for 70´s hindi songs. Even I don´t understand urdu this song touched my heart !!!tears!!! telling something about love.Great rendition. This has the real magic.would like to have translation in english. Thank a lot for uploading this video. Best reguards to Tassawar Khanum from Germany.
    22 Abril de 2008 - transgroove #157
  • rahravaan
    Just shows Pakistanis are much better when they come to stories, music and many other things. But Anu Malik does nothing but steal! I refuse to call him a music director. Such an idiot!!
    22 Abril de 2008 - rahravaan #158
  • samarthjain
    I agree Anu Malik is a basturd,the biggest stain on the bollywood industry.
    22 Abril de 2008 - samarthjain #159
  • fundemental07
    yh exactly there idiots
    22 Abril de 2008 - fundemental07 #160
  • shashta
    jus love it shev got realli nice voice + its really nice sng well thnk u for postin tht
    22 Abril de 2008 - shashta #161
  • rajkashcan
    Subhaan Alaah !!!!!It's a beautiful rendition.Though I am an Indian, I condemn the plagiarism by Anu Malik.Tassawar ji ki saadgi aur adayagi kabhi bhi aur koi bhi copy nahin kar sakta. So Anu Malik has no credits to take. His work is nowhere near this original rendition.This singer is unquestionably way above all those corrupt music-fabricators like Anu Malik.So, let's not even compare their performances. It'll be a gross injustice done to Tassawar ji.
    22 Abril de 2008 - rajkashcan #162
  • ishqkhan
    thanks, buddy greatly said. well said Mashan Allah both countries are ours, only the british messed us up big time, we are all one, no more hate people, because of nafrath this world has come to where we are today. Tassawwar Khanam said said is beautifully..Mashan Allah originality
    22 Abril de 2008 - ishqkhan #163
    So good i could kiss her. mwaaaaaaaaahhhhhh
    22 Abril de 2008 - COUPLEBASTARDS #164
  • rajauzi
    what a beautiful ghazel can,t say no more
    22 Abril de 2008 - rajauzi #165
  • cheekygirluk
    shes great sings so gracefully... i like this than the new version this one has a total new feel to it loving it...
    22 Abril de 2008 - cheekygirluk #166
  • Nargisjan
    shie sings this song so beautifully. thanks for the info on the side. it is so true. People think that what bollywood makes now is new or fresh, but many times they are copies of the golden oldies.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Nargisjan #167
  • AksheeShadow
    I am an indian and i never think pritan and anu malik makes something new they r stupid yeah anu malik has improved bt yes i was pretty amazed to find the tu meri ashiqui song also a ghazal by the same singer :)
    22 Abril de 2008 - AksheeShadow #168
  • dodgy72
    please people keep racism out. no needfor it wherever your from learn to respect one another.
    22 Abril de 2008 - dodgy72 #169
  • sanskritboy
    22 Abril de 2008 - sanskritboy #170
  • fundemental07
    indians stole? the song!
    22 Abril de 2008 - fundemental07 #171
  • tubetube86
    i know this song from an indian movie zeher :-s.its stupid that everyone thinks that its a hindi song now, i didnt know this song is pakistani, thanks friend to upload this!
    22 Abril de 2008 - tubetube86 #172
  • Kissingscenes
    Thx for posting song. I am indian and didn knew that this song was originally from pakistan. Love my neighbours and brothers pakistani brothers lov to all
    22 Abril de 2008 - Kissingscenes #173
  • 210ellesmere
    full marks to her...really vvv nice
    22 Abril de 2008 - 210ellesmere #174
  • asgvirgo
    indo pak culture is basically same,both borrow things from each other if done tastefully its a good thing
    22 Abril de 2008 - asgvirgo #175
  • kchopra4080
    Well said rajkashcan. This rendition is so beautiful it needs to be preserved as such. Any other attempt, Anu Malik's included will be a gross injustice to this lovely lady we call Tassawarji!Kanwal
    27 Mayo de 2008 - kchopra4080 #176
  • Ibik
    "...I salute you"
    27 Mayo de 2008 - Ibik #177
  • MrSunny29
    Thx .. ''But I salute you''
    27 Mayo de 2008 - MrSunny29 #178
  • Kissingscenes
    Thanks for your wonderful nature and nice gesture. I salute you too
    27 Mayo de 2008 - Kissingscenes #179
  • kchopra4080
    Someone said copying is the best form of flattery! Give credit to the original though. And to the youtube who assist in exposing the copiers!Kanwal
    27 Mayo de 2008 - kchopra4080 #180
  • Jalilm123
    my dear, why west hate copying?original is original. i admire all the pakistani and indians who created beautiful songs. If this song is memorable, I do remember the songs written by Raja mehdi Ali Khan, Shakil Badayuni and so many others, I cant remember, they were all creators like so many Pakistani i.e. Qateel Shafai, Naeem Hashmi, Masroor Kazmi etc. I just love the creators not any copy cat. thanks for posting.
    27 Mayo de 2008 - Jalilm123 #181
  • Ibik
    I wonder...
    27 Mayo de 2008 - Ibik #182
  • shocking100
    please do not kill da indian song please i beg u..............?
    27 Mayo de 2008 - shocking100 #183
  • Jalilm123
    what the f**Kit is purely a pakistani song ( I am proud also being a pakistani) this song was picturised in 70's decade while indians copied it in Zahir recently so please first studied wheather its a paksitanir or indian then write any comments. thanks
    27 Mayo de 2008 - Jalilm123 #184
  • tauseefqau
    You are stupid..havnt you seen this was sung in 70's even the actors of movies were not born at that time. This is pure Music man..And Tasawar khanum is original singer not copier.she knows wat singing is.just look all fmous new songs..this one...Ab ke saal poonam me(copied in Shahjehan orignal Asif Ali) Dewaron se milkarrona/baatain karna,Yar ko me ne mujhy yar ne(Asad Amanat ali)...and alot otherswere sung in 70's and 80's and were vry famous. Now copied are considered as originol..Hell!
    27 Mayo de 2008 - tauseefqau #185
  • kchopra4080
    Whatever the truth of the originality as discussed here, rendition of Tassawar is the best of all! Hers is a quality of singing which is way beyond others trying the same. Thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for uploading e2zawaara.Kanwal
    27 Mayo de 2008 - kchopra4080 #186
  • KaiseTum
    Reading all this comments, I am glad that I am not Indian neighter from Pakistan. So I can say that I really enjoy the song and the beauty of this woman, last but not least: this song touches my soul because I listen with an other feeling and sight. I realy enjoy and repeat them many times.
    27 Mayo de 2008 - KaiseTum #187
  • Buffyfan90
    of course it's wrong, but I find when N-S ripped off her Tu Meri Zindagi Hai song even more ruthless, considering N-S proclaim it being original since ther's none of the recreationg notion at all! and Aashiqui is a very popular album, so I would think that would cause much more grief on her!
    26 Junio de 2008 - Buffyfan90 #188
  • talkha2
    it isgood
    26 Junio de 2008 - talkha2 #189
  • anwargul
    what a romantic song; I sense a strong committment.
    26 Junio de 2008 - anwargul #190
  • ans786
    26 Junio de 2008 - ans786 #191
  • achahaina
    26 Julio de 2008 - achahaina #192
  • umerbhai1
    beautiful song and singer
    26 Julio de 2008 - umerbhai1 #193
  • AliHK167
    is it? which punjabi song you are talking about? this is Urdu song, dunno how it can be punjabi folk song
    26 Julio de 2008 - AliHK167 #194
  • klienslate
    wow i came to knw abt 'Tassawar Khanum' from a comment on zeher song...and this tune has the more Sober and the real passion for the lyrics...awesome and singer!
    26 Julio de 2008 - klienslate #195
  • ahmedjamal786
    chor indianz hahahapakistanio ki copy kertay hain
    26 Julio de 2008 - ahmedjamal786 #196
  • ksehmi
    Any idea who the poet is? The lyrics are well controlled and very lightly woven in heavy sentiment- like that bundi ladoo made of thousands of small pellets!!!Great show.
    26 Julio de 2008 - ksehmi #197
  • mwa24
    yes i have, i can foward u, im her biggest fan tooo
    25 Agosto de 2008 - mwa24 #198
  • rizvisa1
    I think that name of the poet is Saif-uddin Saif. Not sure 100%
    25 Agosto de 2008 - rizvisa1 #199
  • Ustaniji
    Original is Original afterall. Wow...!!!
    25 Agosto de 2008 - Ustaniji #200
  • fullmetaltitan
    weird...mahesh bhutt is gud at taking thngs from across d border..dis one is yet another example..but not all film makers do dat...nyways..nice nd soothing than d new version...
    25 Agosto de 2008 - fullmetaltitan #201
  • shahabkalim
    fantabulous.... soul touching..
    25 Agosto de 2008 - shahabkalim #202
  • mwa24
    i cant belive im hearing this on loving it
    25 Agosto de 2008 - mwa24 #203
  • khokhaDMG
    nice voic like it dear thanks
    25 Agosto de 2008 - khokhaDMG #204
  • khokhaDMG
    not just nice its make u Feel comfortablethanks dear
    25 Agosto de 2008 - khokhaDMG #205
  • 786maq
    Fantastic voice...i didn't relise that she sang the origional song...
    25 Agosto de 2008 - 786maq #206
  • humraaz786
    she's a very good singer.Not even heard of her before.
    25 Agosto de 2008 - humraaz786 #207
  • billk18
    is this from iran or afganistan?
    25 Agosto de 2008 - billk18 #208
  • a2zaawara
    This is from Pakistan and in Urdu which is the national language of my homeland. Urdu got words from Arabic and Persian as well.
    25 Agosto de 2008 - a2zaawara #209
  • billk18
    ah sorry after i looked at the site where it came from i then noticed that it is urdu sorry i did think it was persian
    25 Agosto de 2008 - billk18 #210
  • FactPreacher
    It does not matter, where this song from.Urdu is such a great language, which absorb every words of other languages, mostly Persian, and Arabic words are commonly used.
    24 Septiembre de 2008 - FactPreacher #211
  • madhassu
    Thanks for correcting us and telling us the right thing.
    24 Septiembre de 2008 - madhassu #212
  • nurjehan
    I totally agree...this is by far one of the best ... absolutely soul touching..isn't it?
    24 Septiembre de 2008 - nurjehan #213
  • NewEye2World
    Thanks a lot for putting the right source of this song..Its really fact there are many Pakistani songs which are not copied but are still best and I love them..I agree Pakistan has great singers like India..In fact you should feel proud that pakistani old song has been chosen by bollywood as they got inspired by it..Thats a compliment..And I regard many Pakistani Singers..Music crosses the borders and ments the wall of wars with love...which is needed by common public..
    24 Septiembre de 2008 - NewEye2World #214
  • DjIPtube
    The original
    24 Septiembre de 2008 - DjIPtube #215
  • nooraani
    Tassawar Khanum in one of the original classical singer. She mainly sings 'Ghazals' but some of her Ghazals like this one have been used in Pakistani films. She has got a gifted voice. Thanks for up-loading this song.Cheers.
    24 Septiembre de 2008 - nooraani #216
  • Mids14
    so why did Indians copy it?
    24 Septiembre de 2008 - Mids14 #217
  • tehminak156
    copying something is not bad. Infact its thje best way of appreciatin. Similarly ,Tu meri zindagi hai,(aashiqui), Hum bhool gaye re har baat(Soutan ki beti), Pehlay to kabhi kabhi gham tha (Raheem Shahs song) are some examples of Pakistani music copied in India. But again I say there is no harm in it. I love to see Indian films as it is the biggest filmmaking industry of this world .
    24 Septiembre de 2008 - tehminak156 #218
  • tehminak156
    Urdu is being spoken in both the countries, only the script is different. Both these countries were once one country and share the same culture ,tradition, history and geography. I consider Indians as my brothers and sisters and they infact really are . I fel very bad when I see people of these countries accusing and abbusing each other.
    24 Septiembre de 2008 - tehminak156 #219
  • Jalilm123
    ham log (indians aur pakistani donoo) apni aadat say majboor hain :)
    24 Septiembre de 2008 - Jalilm123 #220
  • angria2008
    it real pakistan song indian always copy our songs
    24 Septiembre de 2008 - angria2008 #221
  • violet156
    such a beautiful song, urdu is def a good language for poetry
    24 Septiembre de 2008 - violet156 #222
  • mahipaldr
    Such a melodious voice and expressions.Its unfortunate of partition of india and pakistan which has given her the less exposure to her as she could have equally good as lata.
    24 Octubre de 2008 - mahipaldr #223
  • Virender1978
    oh my god.... she is simply great. a rare combination of singing and shayari.Thanx for adding this clip.
    24 Octubre de 2008 - Virender1978 #224
  • paloosingh
    indians r really copy cats lololz heheh dont mind bt its true
    24 Octubre de 2008 - paloosingh #225
  • oceanbound222
    SOOOOOOoo effortlessly !!!
    24 Octubre de 2008 - oceanbound222 #226
  • bololaoa
    Ha Ha HA MaST SoNg Hai ZaHar MoVie main Ye Hi heroine Thi Kya HeheheAbhi Bhi MaSt Lag Rahi Hai aunTy
    24 Octubre de 2008 - bololaoa #227
  • bololaoa
    Aare Yaar indian BoL Ke fight Kyun Kar Rahe Hoo Dekhte To doNo Hai Na Kya Tum indian Movie Nahi dekh te enjoy karo Yaar Atif Aslam Jal band alot's are singer here india
    24 Octubre de 2008 - bololaoa #228
  • bololaoa
    Main To atif aslam ko week main 2 Bar To Dekh Hi LeTa Hoon GhomTe Huye Mast BanTa Hai me From Mumbai Yaar
    24 Octubre de 2008 - bololaoa #229
  • cdry7ue
    wow...she is really best one
    24 Octubre de 2008 - cdry7ue #230
  • asgvirgo
    West main sab mashoor singer tamam top hitsgaate hain koee larrta nahin dekha,hamaare Indian Pakistani chootiai shoti shoti baaton par behan chudaane dortai hain saale gandooki najaez aulaad !
    24 Octubre de 2008 - asgvirgo #231
  • asgvirgo
    Majnu akhia wah Subhan Alaahtera dosta gia khyal kithe ?mairre yaar di pia misaal labhai.nbemisaal di bhala misaal kithe ?dosto bad language muaf karna apne lokan nugal gal te larrde wekh ke kaee war gussa aajaanda ae....nice song
    24 Octubre de 2008 - asgvirgo #232
  • digitalboygermany
    so lovely song ,i love it
    23 Noviembre de 2008 - digitalboygermany #233
  • Noorzai2
    Can someone tell how to download her song/video. Not from youtube, i know to do from here. But looking for some best quality.
    23 Noviembre de 2008 - Noorzai2 #234
  • cutesomas
    Decent lady with beautyful voice.
    23 Noviembre de 2008 - cutesomas #235
  • lovehackinggals
    really sad that bollywood steals from's music composerss, singers do nothing except stealing.kudos to pakistani singers 4 their originality.hats of to tasawar khanum
    23 Noviembre de 2008 - lovehackinggals #236
  • boredforeverndever
    Tassawar Khanum & Munni Begum 4 life.. ive met munni? begum in real life for real and have had dinner with her and my family no lie wallahi
    23 Noviembre de 2008 - boredforeverndever #237
  • redghost991
    very nice
    23 Diciembre de 2008 - redghost991 #238
  • 5hupriyo
    2000 time better then the bollywood one... Angelic Voice
    23 Diciembre de 2008 - 5hupriyo #239
  • shahanAWAN
    all time great song by Tassawar Khanum.many thanks for this great upload brother
    23 Diciembre de 2008 - shahanAWAN #240
  • bablusmom
    Beautiful! Thanks for this video. Old is really gold - and original remains the best, no doubt.
    23 Diciembre de 2008 - bablusmom #241
  • falak27
    kya batt ha old iz gold.i really love this song.she iz nice
    23 Diciembre de 2008 - falak27 #242
  • in2ennui
    Beautiful lyrics, I don't think I would have ever had the chance to hear this song if it had not been 'stolen' and used in whatever Indian movie it was used in... I wish Bollywood would give credit to work that is not their own, however, I disagree that they should not use it at all! After all music is for all people to hear, not to keep bottled up in the country of origin for the entertainment of that country's citizens!!
    23 Diciembre de 2008 - in2ennui #243
  • Zaara1344
    Yes it was used in the movie ZEHER
    23 Diciembre de 2008 - Zaara1344 #244
  • hakenalf
    Awesome song as well as performance
    23 Diciembre de 2008 - hakenalf #245
  • hinafatema
    this very perfect n nice song
    23 Diciembre de 2008 - hinafatema #246
  • MAYAJAAN1947
    23 Diciembre de 2008 - MAYAJAAN1947 #247
  • alijee420
    best ever,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    23 Diciembre de 2008 - alijee420 #248
  • mbv11
    great music!!
    23 Diciembre de 2008 - mbv11 #249
  • bpranjal
    i disagree with you. i don't think it's a good idea to translate a master piece of someone, say madhushala in nepali, and publish under my name ! obviously a lot of people would read that book who may not have access to hindi original poems of dr. bachchan ! but it's simply UNACCEPTABLE.
    22 Enero de 2009 - bpranjal #250
  • in2ennui
    First of all, they did not is still the same, just slightly less folksy...and I already said that credit to the original SHOULD be given!Music and lyrics like this are too beautiful for everyone NOT to have the chance to hear. It is like the Classics in literature (Great Expectations, East of Eden, Shakespeare's works)...they are now FREELY available to the world! Other less important works have been lost through the years, but the real gems remain...
    22 Enero de 2009 - in2ennui #251
  • bpranjal
    yes, you said the credit should be given but also appreciated them of making these songs available. shakespeares work may be free but you dont expect to see anybody's name on the cover page of hamlet. but i took nadeem-shravan as the composer of 'tu meri jindagi hai" for 18 years because i was told so. i just knew the truth a couple of days ago. i know its a kind of simple practice in mumbai but once i knew the dishonesty of anybody i would not be able to respect him anymore.
    22 Enero de 2009 - bpranjal #252
  • bpranjal
    i disagreed you on only one point that the music can be used but only after giving proper credentials to its creators. if the creators are still alive they might also want some profit from it (since the songs were used for business purpose) !
    22 Enero de 2009 - bpranjal #253
  • bpranjal
    i came to know about tassawar khanum and the reality of this and one other song just a couple of days ago. i watched these two songs so many times and every time i felt them more and more beautiful. now i realize that i am not going to listen kumar sanu version of tu meri jindagi hai or zeher version of this song again (however they are also good singers). i love this song.i also loved the audience in this song. so quite !
    22 Enero de 2009 - bpranjal #254
  • pakichute
    Even in film the credit is given to original composer.No doubt this is one of the best songs.
    22 Enero de 2009 - pakichute #255
  • amrjaan
    woww it's more better than indian.but i like indian too!
    22 Enero de 2009 - amrjaan #256
  • guerraroberto2
    She is a pakistani singer, ok; but why she sang in hindi???... I am confused. THIS SONG IS BEAUTIFUL, MUCH BEAUTIFUL; and in the voice of this singer.. MUCH MORE.
    22 Enero de 2009 - guerraroberto2 #257
  • a2zaawara
    Dear freind its not hindi but Urdu.
    22 Enero de 2009 - a2zaawara #258
  • guerraroberto2
    URDU?, is it similar to hindi?... I have never heard about this language.
    22 Enero de 2009 - guerraroberto2 #259
  • karosain60
    Yes Sir, Urdu is the national language of Pakistan as Hindi is that of India. Many similarities yet more differences.
    22 Enero de 2009 - karosain60 #260
  • shamsqamer
    very nice , beautiful lyricsS i m singing for u , i LOVE you
    22 Enero de 2009 - shamsqamer #261
  • starssky
    they didnt give credit to her.such losers.they think they can steal songs and can get away with copying movies.
    22 Enero de 2009 - starssky #262
  • gujjar68
    I am crying on this beautiful & wonderful song, she is a living LEGEND and I am very proud that she belongs to me as a Pakistani. I remember when me & my father sit together and he use to ask me be quite and listen as the public is sitting in this song. May my politicians & US policies would allow me to sit again with my DAD in Pakistan to listen these kind of wonderful rich music and I promise will not make any noise and listen quitely the way this great music deserve. Aameen!
    22 Enero de 2009 - gujjar68 #263
  • channelms
    i love pakistan too.and i am miss it too much.
    21 Febrero de 2009 - channelms #264
  • barish12345
    yea it's an old pakistani's beautiful..n yes it was copied..
    21 Febrero de 2009 - barish12345 #265
  • radil505
    Beautiful and nice. original. i am ashamed that people from Bollywood rip off and steal tunes without even giving Due credit to their original composers. Shame on Bollywood.
    21 Febrero de 2009 - radil505 #266
  • J4S51
    21 Febrero de 2009 - J4S51 #267
  • J4S51
    WoW! She is mezmerising!!! Love her!!!Its tru y cant ppl leave classics alone...rather than copy, change, re-releasing...never listened 2 her b4 but she's amazing!
    21 Febrero de 2009 - J4S51 #268
  • alicipherd
    Badan kay saye jan-e-mann tumharay rang may rang dalin.Juda kia karsakaingay mujhko tum say ya jahan walay.Bohat khoob, Tasawar khanum nay kamal kia.I liek this song and it is re-vitalizing me when I listen to this, and outside the homeland I am missing it, thats for posting such good song.
    21 Febrero de 2009 - alicipherd #269
  • VIRAJ818
    Being Indian, I prefer the original better than the "copied version".
    21 Febrero de 2009 - VIRAJ818 #270
  • sexi4u006uk
    pakistaan zindabadd oiiiiiiii
    21 Febrero de 2009 - sexi4u006uk #271
  • Gulpareem
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    21 Febrero de 2009 - Gulpareem #272
  • sumsum135x
    awesome song .....
    21 Febrero de 2009 - sumsum135x #273
  • rjha94
    No harm in copying good things ;o)
    23 Marzo de 2009 - rjha94 #274
  • rjha94
    I am from india and I say Awesome , awesome voice. she is just brilliant. I guess the copy in "Zeher" at least served a purpose, it directed me to the original source!
    23 Marzo de 2009 - rjha94 #275
  • need4peace
    The anu maliks and the Pritams are a disgrace to India for lifting compositions...these guys need to be shot on the streets in front of the indian masses.
    23 Marzo de 2009 - need4peace #276
  • oolibra
    beautiful voice,,,beautiful lyrics.awesome
    23 Marzo de 2009 - oolibra #277
  • aadzo54
    this argument concerning india vs pakistan is so in vain. Lets grow up and appreciate beauty and art for its own sake and not some sick desire to sow hate.Razia(south Africa)
    23 Marzo de 2009 - aadzo54 #278
  • rizveebhuyan
    much much better than hindi one
    23 Marzo de 2009 - rizveebhuyan #279
  • osanama11
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    23 Marzo de 2009 - osanama11 #280
  • rajkiran1982
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  • oceanbound222
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    23 Marzo de 2009 - oceanbound222 #282
  • Sunflower0000
    omg this song was in zeher!!!
    23 Marzo de 2009 - Sunflower0000 #283
  • 80beepr
    What a beautiful song. I really wish all those idiots spreading/sowing hate would grow up. India and pakistan were one country at one time. Yes both countries have their differences but lets not show ignorance and uneducated views. grow up or better yet go get an education.
    23 Marzo de 2009 - 80beepr #284
  • sandeepbhandal
    well said. we need more people like you around. :)
    23 Marzo de 2009 - sandeepbhandal #285
  • izatjah
    ache bhale? song ka bera gharaq kerdi yeh kia kia kia??????????
    23 Marzo de 2009 - izatjah #286
  • cobacana
    You look very beautiful, nice song.... I love yellow clothes!!!
    23 Marzo de 2009 - cobacana #287
  • DrVinalPatel
    omg....very powerful lyrics..... this song will go down in bolly wood history....Agar tum mil jao, zamanne a chod e denge hum!
    23 Marzo de 2009 - DrVinalPatel #288
  • ShafqatAmanatAli
    Bollywood? Yeh ek pakistani ghana hai mere dost :D
    1 Abril de 2009 - ShafqatAmanatAli #289
  • aashiquepayal
    excellent, 70 may gaya gaaya gazal aaz bhi utna hi aacha lagta hai hit hai....Agar tum mil jo jamaana chod day hum..........
    1 Abril de 2009 - aashiquepayal #290
  • miac37
    Dear All .... Music has no boundary my bros ....Atleast no ind /paki in fav are Rafi /kishore / nusrat fateh ali khan / Mukesh / Ghulam Ali /Tasawwar Khanum/ Jagjit Sigh / Abida parveen etc ...etc ...etc .....
    1 Abril de 2009 - miac37 #291
  • TheGentlemanThief
    Music has boundaries when one country copies and steals from another country and pretends that they invented it.
    1 Abril de 2009 - TheGentlemanThief #292
  • SeharDanish
    original one is gud
    1 Abril de 2009 - SeharDanish #293
  • miac37
    Making copy actually Piracy business we Hit him if any body doing should be Commercial Case against them I am sure what I wrote Because our two nation Indian and Pakistani do lot of copy each singer should be have Landing Right mostly in Film carrier .if any one get the song from any singer . should be paid to writer and singer we have lots of History havent. Great writer and singer I pray God save our old Melody (VIRSA ) RegardAnjum
    8 Abril de 2009 - miac37 #294
  • symplgal143
    8 Abril de 2009 - symplgal143 #295
  • symplgal143
    Hi, Anjum I hope youre well and in good health, I would like to download this ghazal but i have no idea where to download it from! Do you know where I can download from? If so can you please tell me? Thanks Yasera..
    8 Abril de 2009 - symplgal143 #296
  • capricornmansoor
    i loved the indian one but i think the origional one is so special. the thought the tune the lyricals are incredible. amazing song. sung so well by tasawar khanam. so much copying is done by indians look at the songs of ashique and phir teri kahani yaad aye we all know that all the songs are from pak.
    8 Abril de 2009 - capricornmansoor #297
  • merilife77
    15 Abril de 2009 - merilife77 #298
  • Grizzly828
    tbh this song sounds more pakistani than indian becaue the poetry in this sounds lke something of a pakistani style,its a ghazal India dont do ghazals. Although i have no idea who did it first,jus sharing my opinion . Plus to my understanding pakistan dont tend to copy india as much but india have been copied pakistani songs to a great extent. nusrats tunes especially
    19 Abril de 2009 - Grizzly828 #299
  • pal001122
    Fantastic song...... India copied this song... great voice....*******
    19 Abril de 2009 - pal001122 #300
  • giant24us
    have a nice quality mp3? thanks!
    21 Abril de 2009 - giant24us #301
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