Old Coke Ovens near Los Cerrillos New Mexico Mining

Fiesta del Tanicu 2008 salavina Los Cerrillos
Los cerrillos 05/04/08

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  • foolsterinc
    23 Abril de 2008 - foolsterinc #1
  • AG4NK
    Where is the coke oven locate, is south of Madrid?It is long time ago I saw that location before.
    23 Abril de 2008 - AG4NK #2
    The Coke ovens are located north-northwest of Madrid, closer to the town of Los Cerrillos N.M. You can even see them on the satellite imagary if you look close enough!!
    23 Abril de 2008 - GEOCACHINGJEFF #3
  • AG4NK
    You sre right my friend that is not far from Rogerville Rd.Because I used to live in Cerrillos,NM in 1971.Yes I can seen from google earth site.
    23 Abril de 2008 - AG4NK #4
  • AntiEducation400
    Nice video GEOC I have been to crater lake when I was little and it was kind of scary but I got used to it... Nice job this video earns five stars and this is being added to my favorites.
    27 Junio de 2008 - AntiEducation400 #5

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