Spanish Fiesta Valor (Foam Party)

Derbi drd pro
FIESTAS VÁLOR 2008 parte 1

4 comentarios

  • argv9
    Viva valor!! Do You Like Valor??
    22 Abril de 2008 - argv9 #1
  • cris28892
    Válor!!!!es lo mejorrr =)
    22 Abril de 2008 - cris28892 #2
  • jessieb983
    i dont like this one caz this is really weird and there is nothing intresting or funny or happy or anythin good about this no efense
    27 Mayo de 2008 - jessieb983 #3
  • sunshinebreaks
    The interesting thing is that pretty much everyone involved was having good old fashioned family fun and they were all happy. This is in an area where geographically you wouldn't perhaps expect to find a church square full of happy people revelling in foam. Sorry that it didn't do anything for you but I can ensure you everyone involved was having a good time, stay positive and no offence taken!
    27 Mayo de 2008 - sunshinebreaks #4
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