Cats, Orbs, And the Paranormal

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  • generalaone
    Yes, I live in the west. Anyways there is a spooky vent next to a hallway and I can hear Indian music comming from it very soft at night and my dog is scared to death just walking by it even during daytime! Maybe the cat you saw on tape saw more then the video camera could capture. You never know :)
    23 Abril de 2007 - generalaone #1
  • generalaone
    Great video man, you could clearly see that when an orb passed by it caught the cats attention. Ive always believed cats, dogs and other animals could sort of sence the paranormal, the weirdest thing is my grandparents live in this cabin deep in the woods and the place is very old, anyways ive heard many Indians were killed there along time ago by cowboys.
    23 Abril de 2007 - generalaone #2
  • Constantine99999
    Thanks generalaone. Your grandparents cabin sounds like a really cool place to investigate.Yes, cats, dogs and indeed most mammals still retain this innate ability to detect paranormal presences. Sadly, many humans have lost or indeed ignored that ability. They are now called `Sceptics`..
    23 Abril de 2007 - Constantine99999 #3
  • sfknight78
    The cat is thinking, "Man, this room needs some serious vacuuming."
    23 Abril de 2007 - sfknight78 #4
  • Constantine99999
    A cat mind reader! Wonders will never cease to amaze me!! lol
    23 Abril de 2007 - Constantine99999 #5
  • moxiethedog
    again, very interesting video from constantine extraordinaire!
    23 Abril de 2007 - moxiethedog #6
  • Bolrockmochi
    This got my attettion, alot actually. I took some photos a while ago, and found a ectoplasmic noose. None the less, it freaked me out. And I've noticed a few times, my cats run around, and seemed to chase nothing, pawing at the air.
    23 Abril de 2007 - Bolrockmochi #7
  • tarotessa
    Actually, orbs float they don't run across the floor. Hire an exterminator, those are roaches.
    23 Abril de 2007 - tarotessa #8
  • wbeaty
    Real orbs are quite rare. That's just dust. To get rid of "false orbs" made of dust, you need to move your infrared floodlight away from the Lens. (If it's a Sony Nightshot camera, you can't do this. Sony Nightshot ALWAYS turns all floating dust specks into "orbs.") - SEATTLE MUSEUM OF THE MYSTERIES
    23 Abril de 2007 - wbeaty #9
  • Constantine99999
    wbeaty-I don`t want to wet your gunpowder but this video was recorded from a separate IR system used by us. For god sake! Get a life.. If you don`t believe why bother posting einstein?
    23 Abril de 2007 - Constantine99999 #10
  • Constantine99999
    Another point, the filming doesn`t always show orbs at all, so presumably dust would show all the time, but it doesn`t. Does the dust vacate the room on occasions to stop me filming it. Is the cat `dust` aware? I don`t think so. Try another argument.
    23 Abril de 2007 - Constantine99999 #11
  • MrDorz
    Hmm, can bunny's see these kind of things too, like cats or dogs?Because mine, sometimes just looks at a wall while i don't know what theres to see there.
    23 Abril de 2007 - MrDorz #12
  • TheAmberlady
    They look like insects to me
    23 Abril de 2007 - TheAmberlady #13
  • whoozzxdatt
    Dood that was crazy in my old house i was up about 2:00 in the morning and i saw a arm come out my wall then a whole body did and it started talking and laughing and then a cat shadow was on the wall and i looked out the window there was no cat then the light fell from the celing and hit the ground and then rose back up in the ceiling no lie
    23 Abril de 2007 - whoozzxdatt #14
  • LucanWolf1
    I do believe cats and dogs can sense paranormal activity. I have witnessed it. However this cat seems more interested in cleaning himself. I believe he's seeing dust. If it was something "else" trust me he would be freaking as my cat did. But hey, at least ya tried.
    23 Abril de 2007 - LucanWolf1 #15
  • Constantine99999
    LucanWolf1: I appreciate what you are saying, but it`s a girl cat, and yes, she like most women is very `sensitive` - lol! Anyway, that`s your view, and thank you for commenting.
    23 Abril de 2007 - Constantine99999 #16
  • scotlegranail
    I think that was pretty interesting footage. I feel the cat was watching activity. Those orbs are fast! Like shooting stars... what a mystery.
    23 Abril de 2007 - scotlegranail #17
  • UzumakiKaori
    If that's your house, it's as haunted as mine! I swear, if I moved, I'd feel kinda lonely without my ghosties around :P
    23 Abril de 2007 - UzumakiKaori #18
  • Constantine99999
    Too true! lol
    23 Abril de 2007 - Constantine99999 #19
  • Sketch3600
    Cats see the infrared spectrum. You are lighting the room with infrared light. Please.
    23 Abril de 2007 - Sketch3600 #20
  • Constantine99999
    Cats can see IR light - and they obviously have IR receptors to do it, so does that mean they can only see `dust` `and all of the other falsehood skeptic (i.e I don`t believe or know) Surely they can`t see spirits! It was probably people like you that linked cats to witchcraft. But hey, this is the 21st Century!!
    23 Abril de 2007 - Constantine99999 #21
  • safemouse
    There are many accounts of a cat hissing at an unseen presence. In this case your cat here is apparently able to see the orbs and intrigued by the movement, as cats are by things that move, but not actually disturbed. If you can get footage of your cat interacting with one of your ghosts that would be better.
    23 Abril de 2007 - safemouse #22
  • Katilyst666
    Some of the "orbs" were dust (your cat didn't respond to those) but when she did I saw she would stare rather hard at them... Cool vid.. ^..^
    23 Abril de 2007 - Katilyst666 #23
  • dawkinsdude2019
    thats cool you know he is seeing something because hes licking his paws then an orb passes by and he stops and looks, now i know why my cats look at random stuff
    23 Abril de 2007 - dawkinsdude2019 #24
  • napalmnacey
    You get used to them, don't you? LOL!
    22 Abril de 2008 - napalmnacey #25
  • orbs4us
    Students, Scientists and those interested in investigating the Orb Phenomena orbs4us com is your crossreference material page.
    22 Abril de 2008 - orbs4us #26
  • YamiKai
    this stuff is very real. every night/morning around 2 ish my cat goes flippin crazy, runnin around hissing swinging at what appears to human eye a thin air. my friend accused me of druggin her with catnip, so i let him take it home for the night and my cat still went crazy. we took her to the vet and she does not have a mental condition.
    22 Abril de 2008 - YamiKai #27
  • therockerchick1
    I just posted a video response for additional evidence regarding the ongoing argument of orb origin. Animals see and sense things that humans cannot. I've never seen one gaze at or chase dust or airborne hair. Beginning at about 1:15 in this video you can see my white cat sitting on a table clearly following something with his eyes. I can see it too through the camera, but it wasn't visible to anyone with the naked eye.
    22 Abril de 2008 - therockerchick1 #28
  • whiteNproud87
    i have also caught something on video with my infared camera, its like a wiggly worm floating around, people just say its fake but i no whats true, wonder if its an orb....
    22 Abril de 2008 - whiteNproud87 #29
  • danecook321
    mabe a rod it's a creature or camera affect that zips by very fast
    22 Abril de 2008 - danecook321 #30
  • naskarlover123
    wow the bigening had a lot of 'orbs' .....
    22 Abril de 2008 - naskarlover123 #31
  • DirgeOfCerberus
    I like the way you test your theories, My group were going to test a thoery if a ghost can be dismissed by people. Most 97 percent aren't dismissed. So then it means the need a reason to pass on. A fellow I knew was going to dismiss a union soldier's spirit by tellin him as a dressed up general.
    22 Abril de 2008 - DirgeOfCerberus #32
  • MusicalxAngelx3
    [Cerberus] I think the reason so many aren't dismissed is because I've seen studies that say that most ghosts aren't poltergiests, and aren't aware of human presences.
    22 Abril de 2008 - MusicalxAngelx3 #33
  • grandplans
    I think Dogs have that ability to sense spirits too. I have seen it time and again. Maybe you can do the experiment again with the cat and put the cat on the floor and see what it does. most cats from what I have seen, just sit there and watch the orb activity all around it. I wonder if the cat would follow any of the orbs?
    22 Abril de 2008 - grandplans #34
  • aura1298
    very compelling footage. would you like to try a repeat of the experiment? different cat, different area of the house?show us more. aura1298
    22 Abril de 2008 - aura1298 #35
  • aura1298
    hehehe...i suppose it would. remove your cats for a time and bring in another. i did that with a paranormal group years ago and we got the same result. unfortunately we ran out of tape. to see it up online would be awesome. give it a shot if you can. love to see the results!i love repeating experiments over and over with the same result! aura1298
    22 Abril de 2008 - aura1298 #36
  • dca29965
    My cat recently jumped off the bed, staring at a point near the top of the closet and just sat there staring at it for about 20 min. It (portal/entity)felt unfriendly.
    22 Abril de 2008 - dca29965 #37
  • tine2509
    I have orbs on my room to. I discoverd it when I was fiming on my room. what is that? sorry for my bad english but im from norway ^^
    22 Abril de 2008 - tine2509 #38
  • MusicalxAngelx3
    I have several presences in my house. I've counted at least three. They all showed up as orbs in some pictures I took. I think one is a woman, and one is a man. The third, I'm not sure. But one of the entities feels unfriendly. I think all of them are poltergiests.
    22 Abril de 2008 - MusicalxAngelx3 #39
  • Constantine99999
    When you say `poltergeist` are you talking about an elemental energy? Also with orbs. My research has shown that three orbs or even loads can be one entity. I think of these manifestations as akin to an expanding conciousness.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #40
  • Cheesiethecheese
    last night my cat was hissin at somin in the basement there was nothin there that i know of but i was too tierd to check it out
    22 Abril de 2008 - Cheesiethecheese #41
  • MrBlandMan
    at 1:54? mice start running across the floor... and that "orb" is just light reflection.BTW you can tell that cat is really concerned about "spirits" by the way he's just licking away at his paws...
    22 Abril de 2008 - MrBlandMan #42
  • Constantine99999
    A 21 year old guy that is into computer games doesn`t suggest an opinion based on experience and knowledge, but merely of personal belief.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #43
  • Constantine99999
    Well, you aren`t 13, but you certainly do `dumbass things`.Go get Nessie! :-)?
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #44
  • Constantine99999
    No, you are not wrong to voice an opinion, you are wrong to? accuse people of differing opinions to your own as being `dumbass`. Try and open your eyes when you get older, and stop being blinkered by negativity.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #45
  • roomark
    we lived in an apartment 6months ago 1 day i got a photo back from the shop i hadnt even remembered in my appartment of my wife shes thai there was a giant orb of different colours approx 2feet in diam and in the middle of it was a se asian face...anyway im fascinated by it&wekept takin pics and hundreds appeared...but in the end it brought a poltergeist we moved from the appartment in fear please dont mess with what you dont know no idiot i only know what happened
    22 Abril de 2008 - roomark #46
  • pitusyt
    Surely you still have some of these photos with Faces? Why don't you post them for everyone to see - I'd like to see them myself - unless you're afraid that posting them will bring another poltergeist ... and tho everyone watching them ?
    22 Abril de 2008 - pitusyt #47
  • Constantine99999
    Pitusyt: Whatever I capture is always placed on YouTube.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #48
  • pitusyt
    My previous comment about Faces was to the roomark post from 3 months ago on the last page. He said he had lots of pictures with an asian face in the orb, I'd like to see them. He also said these were 2ft in diam. How could he measure that if they could have been small but close to the Lens?
    22 Abril de 2008 - pitusyt #49
  • martic36
    Been doing paranormal investigations for over 20 yrs. I'm sure its dust yes they can see it, sorry...
    22 Abril de 2008 - martic36 #50
  • Constantine99999
    No need to apologise because? you don`t believe in orbs. that`s your view, and mine is different.Check out our most recent stuff - the orbs respond to human contact. Have you tried that?
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #51
  • martic36
    I do believe in orbs, I just think you have dust. Why would you think I didn't believe in orbs I don't think anything I said suggested that, also I'm not 21 and I'm not a guy seems to me your with? one with false assumtions and wrong opinions no offense and I've had interactions with several presences on several occasions that were physical and with orbs with our group.
    22 Abril de 2008 - martic36 #52
  • Constantine99999
    I`m sorry, but I have to disagree with you. Without drawing deeper I will leave matters at that. But as a passing thought.. Why is it that this dust now interacts with me? You haven`t yet followed my lead? on the vids I suggest you watch.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #53
  • martic36
    I will do that sounds really cool! Still don't get the 21? yr old playing computer games though...
    22 Abril de 2008 - martic36 #54
  • Constantine99999
    Martic -? I`m sorry, I was referring to `MrBlandMan` not you~ :-) Look forward to reading your comments on the videos.Cheers!
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #55
  • melkur
    Interesting. I notice ones that were flashing and the cat did react. Good experiment. Dust deosn't flash now does it?
    22 Abril de 2008 - melkur #56
  • Constantine99999
    Thanks? Melkur! :-) Apparently dust does flash if you are a sceptic. lol
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #57
  • melkur
    LOL! Flashing orb sceptic detectors maybe.
    22 Abril de 2008 - melkur #58
  • Constantine99999
    Absolutely! :-)?
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #59
  • knicnack
    yes that surely rests your case! it was slightly unnerving watching the cat react to the orbs, a little bit creepy maybe, but then again, I believe spirits are with us all the time and for all the right winged christians out there who don't believe in ghosts, my question is this: If you don't believe in ghosts then how can you believe in the holy spirit????????????????????
    22 Abril de 2008 - knicnack #60
  • bluepinkred
    good point knicnack very good point
    22 Abril de 2008 - bluepinkred #61
  • XxThexFloodxX
    cats and some other animals can see some things that humans cant see
    22 Abril de 2008 - XxThexFloodxX #62
  • 1337ShadowChaos
    Man cats can see in the dark cause they are color blind and cause theyr eyes reflect light.l have also herd that people in the pqast thought that cats were evil cause of that light reflct, but now we already know that is not true .
    22 Abril de 2008 - 1337ShadowChaos #63
  • Constantine99999
    How can you say cat`s aren`t evil? I`ve met a few who are, but then? I`ve met a lot who aren`t. A bit subjective really, like people.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #64
  • Fraemi
    Cats can see different waves of light (not certain if this is correct, as English isn't my first language). So, nothing ghostly. Pure science. Another thing, cats DO HAVE A SENSE to feel radio-waves, turn on an old fashion TV to young kitten, he will sense it. Older cats are simply used to it. So, your effort is appreciated, but this would be more suited to a student's project.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Fraemi #65
  • Constantine99999
    There we go again! Scientific opinion:-) My cat saw and reacted to a physical presence of a spirit that appeared once in my house. She and I saw it, but no other humans? did despite the presence remaining for 15 mins during daylight. Has science an explanation for that?
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #66
  • Constantine99999
    As? for a student`s project - why don`t you try for yourself? You never know!
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #67
  • piratefreak348
    today i was waking up from a sleepover in my basement and i was video taping, and then i saw a few white specks float across the room and i saw lots this morning. But i wan't to see if it was dust so i punched a pillow and all these little white dots came out. It looked sweet. So i doubt my house is haunted. but i do believe in ghosts i just don't think orbs are ghosts i just think there dust. But please don't take offense or anything. Its just what i think. Nice video btw:D
    22 Abril de 2008 - piratefreak348 #68
  • Constantine99999
    hi, I can do the same, but you can see these I take it? But can real orbs react to a human presence? That`s another question. Please see REAL GHOST ACTIVITY IN A HAUNTED HOUSE! And the vids that follow on from there. Orbs take on a whole new interpretation. Please let? me know what you think, and if possible, comment on them. Thanks for the nice remarks regarding our vids.:-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #69
  • lalalman2
    The orbs are not dust.Dust in the air would not be illuminated in the dark like that.
    22 Abril de 2008 - lalalman2 #70
  • Bizonka
    So, you're just sitting there watching ghostys pass you?:o
    22 Abril de 2008 - Bizonka #71
  • Constantine99999
    Lol! I suppose so :-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #72
  • suppeeps456
    so u just wait till something unussaul pops-up...
    22 Abril de 2008 - suppeeps456 #73
  • Paragronmaas
    its realy creepy my cat see's that to. its realy creepy. because i can see them. and she staring at the walls and the floors. IN MY ROOM.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Paragronmaas #74
  • MasterMayo
    your right, the cat wouldn't have reacted that way to dust..its obviously orbs..and alot of them!
    22 Abril de 2008 - MasterMayo #75
  • danecook321
    it was dust not orbs, orbs are not real
    22 Abril de 2008 - danecook321 #76
  • Constantine99999
    Not from your perspective. but if you care to review our recent material you`ll see that this `dust` reacts to the spoken word.How strange is that?
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #77
  • danecook321
    22 Abril de 2008 - danecook321 #78
  • Constantine99999
    Yes, really..
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #79
  • yesi67
    Ive got proof the orbs are real,in my living room & you can clearly see the reflection of them in the tv!say no more
    22 Abril de 2008 - yesi67 #80
  • Constantine99999
    Orbs don`t ordinarily cast shadows or reflections.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #81
  • yesi67
    Well this one does,maybe its not an orb! it looks like some sort of plazma & the tv is off,its about the size of a grapefruit.Its good because some one tried to debunk orbs being something to do with digital technoligy
    22 Abril de 2008 - yesi67 #82
  • Constantine99999
    That sounds really interesting. Any chance of a video capture?Would be cool to see it.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #83
  • yesi67
    Only photos im afraid,i got pics of my daughter in serbia with loads of orbs when shes playing too,also in a school play & at a party at my house were we see the one reflecting off the tv.They seem to pick up on happy emotions!
    22 Abril de 2008 - yesi67 #84
  • FelixB91
    If it were dust it shouln't disappear after a half second... I hate spectics that say it is dust...
    22 Abril de 2008 - FelixB91 #85
  • Constantine99999
    Me too on that one!
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #86
  • c2so4esf
    I don't think that was dust, even if it was, what would be making it blow everywhere? also, you have such a cute cat. ^.^ (sorry)
    22 Abril de 2008 - c2so4esf #87
  • Constantine99999
    Don`t be sorry, she knows she`s cute and uses it! :-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #88
  • c2so4esf
    (RANDOM)whats her/his name?!?! xD
    22 Abril de 2008 - c2so4esf #89
  • Constantine99999
    Ellie :-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #90
  • c2so4esf
    aww. I wanna pet it. ^-^
    22 Abril de 2008 - c2so4esf #91
  • WestWhiteWicca27
    sumthing has caught the cats attention especailly when the orb moves from the bed and the cat looks up to see what it
    22 Abril de 2008 - WestWhiteWicca27 #92
  • knukles199
    u need more proof....the cat could have been made to look that way like a toy over the camera?....i seen orbs to but orbs dont have that much activity its something else
    22 Abril de 2008 - knukles199 #93
  • Constantine99999
    Thankyou for accusing me of dishonesty. Do you have anything positive to say?
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #94
  • liamvs1250
    my dads been haunted be for the fridge door was locked and it was movie the handle my dad ran straight out the house GHOST ARE REAL
    22 Abril de 2008 - liamvs1250 #95
  • waterelf
    it's dust, and the cat did not spot a thing, if it was something like an orb, the cat would react in a different way. The dust scatters with the temperature differences...
    22 Abril de 2008 - waterelf #96
  • Constantine99999
    Gosh. How would the cat react in a different way? Would it scream, wtf? Or would it snarl hiss and attack the cameraman? I`m really intrigued - it`s good to have a paranormal cat behavioural expert on board. Wow, I`ve just spotted you are an expert on dust and temperature too. What`s the bag here? Go on tell me....
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #97
  • DeathBender
    Well at 2:26 the cat really appeared to be looking after an 'orb' at 2:58 though it did the same when nothing was recorded at all same with 3:30 and 4:13 so it seemed rather random or some sort of insect whose wings were reflecting something. Not to mention a cats vision is different from that of your camera as well as your PoV was.
    22 Abril de 2008 - DeathBender #98
  • DeathBender
    Well at 2:26 the cat really appeared to be looking after an 'orb' at 2:58 4:13 though it did the same when nothing was recorded at all so any reaction beyond the 1st seemed pretty random. A cats vision is different from yours and it may have reacted to sounds and smells aswell. PoV is a bit screwed.
    22 Abril de 2008 - DeathBender #99
  • Constantine99999
    Who is to say - despite your POV (as you put it) that the cat isn`t constantly aware of this activity whether seen by camera or not. Why would the cat (I am not a cat psychologist) be constantly transfixed (in between cleaning herself) by staring intently into the corner. Throughout history we (humans) have been aware of cat`s special abilities - hence their association to alleged Witchcraft or whatever. Just a thought..
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #100
  • Constantine99999
    PS: Thanks for subscribing! :-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #101
  • oblivian47
    i want u to know, that the "large amount of orb activity" is probably just dust, tho the rest was pretty creepy... :O
    22 Abril de 2008 - oblivian47 #102
  • loopywildzap
    i think he watching the light from you camera
    22 Abril de 2008 - loopywildzap #103
  • oblivian47
    lol,cute kitty! he was washed hith forehead! :3
    22 Abril de 2008 - oblivian47 #104
  • GizmoTheGreen
    dude, the cat is clearly only looking when your moving your camera about!its the light from the IR emitter on the camera thats reflected on other stuff, shiny surfaces, like the shoe, or DUSTmening the wavelength of the light is altered and randomly enters tha cats spectra of vision, so the cat is seeing glimts of lights, but they are caused by yourself, nothing else.
    22 Abril de 2008 - GizmoTheGreen #105
  • GizmoTheGreen
    now the dust moving in all kinds of direction? sure, your BREATHING arent you?ever looked in your room when the sun makes the dust al visible, try just moving your hand right in front of your eyes and witness all the whirles its creating!next time, show me something i cant explain at first sight, thankyou, anyways, great movie nonetheless...
    22 Abril de 2008 - GizmoTheGreen #106
  • Constantine99999
    Thanks for your opinion. Whatever you feel about this is subjective, and in accordance to your own opinion and belief. Far too much has occurred in this room to consign it all as dust. I appreciate that you haven`t been here as much as I have and there is ample proof on other videos filmed here to consider a different view to your own. Thanks for sharing,
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #107
  • GizmoTheGreen
    hey no problem ^^i guessim just a little worked up as my gf believs ANYTHING paranormal you tell her, like oh, that spot on that picture is a ghost, or, this "psychic", paranormal knowing woman she sent an email to once siad that she was actually an angel (my gf), which we all know is total bull, as she believs anything you say as long as its not saying its not true, lolwhats your opinion in this?
    22 Abril de 2008 - GizmoTheGreen #108
  • Constantine99999
    My opinion sadly is that there are a lot a fake mediums who use the paranormal to either influence people for personal gain. I`ve never believed in telephone mediums or fortune telling by email, and despite being a medium myself, I`ve never encountered magic fairies or similar! lol. Perhaps your girlfriend is an angel - for example, she`s so good she`s like an angel! lol
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #109
  • rvborgh
    This is not an IR camera lol...
    22 Abril de 2008 - rvborgh #110
  • Vikkie7
    Looked like the cameraman was blowing bits of fluff around and the cat, naturally, took a bit of notice.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Vikkie7 #111
  • Constantine99999
    `Looked like`. I am not a scam artist. I understand peoples feelings regarding the hoax rubbish here on YouTube, but really. Don`t you think if fraud was my intention it would all look a lot more spectacular? I can assure you I wasn`t blowing fluff around:-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #112
  • Aanthanur
    well a cat can see much much better in darkness than humans :) but i would guess its ur laserpointer :P
    22 Abril de 2008 - Aanthanur #113
  • Constantine99999
    Please read comment left for `Vikkie7`
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #114
  • Vikkie7
    Was just what it looked like is all. Have had some strange stuff happen round me too.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Vikkie7 #115
  • Cazzer1234
    wheres the? ghosts?
    22 Abril de 2008 - Cazzer1234 #116
  • fireflyskull
    way to go very cool stuff!! big fan
    22 Abril de 2008 - fireflyskull #117
  • Constantine99999
    Thanks Fireflyskull! :-) Why not subscribe for all the latest releases?
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #118
  • SushiSounds
    22 Abril de 2008 - SushiSounds #119
  • SushiSounds
    IT COULD BE DUST, BUT doesn't dust moves faster?
    22 Abril de 2008 - SushiSounds #120
  • tbmuex
    Maybe you need to dust a bit. Cute cat though.
    22 Abril de 2008 - tbmuex #121
  • Constantine99999
    No? Dust? Really?
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #122
  • marie4471
    that is sooo stuuupid
    22 Abril de 2008 - marie4471 #123
  • ilnaras
    Kitty's going, "Ooo, what's that? I'm gonna get you... I'm gonna get you... Umm... Later. *lick lick, looks up* Ooo..."
    22 Abril de 2008 - ilnaras #124
  • kukident3
    in my opinion cat didnt react. She has to look somewhere. And half of a video she was cleaning her self.
    22 Abril de 2008 - kukident3 #125
  • eaglesfan1717
    not dust .. u guys are just skeptics
    22 Abril de 2008 - eaglesfan1717 #126
  • ikbosje
    I never ever seen so much orbs.If they are orbs , prove it by measuring the electromagnetic the difference , I've seen 4 orbs flowing thats ALOT!.
    22 Abril de 2008 - ikbosje #127
  • Constantine99999
    You summed it up well. There are a lot of orbs. But for the rest you either believe or you don`t.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #128
  • ilikebooty00
    Its dust, the cameras light reflects off each particle at about the same point when it passes by the camera. They move in different directions because airs moving in every direction. the cats just looking around like cats do.
    22 Abril de 2008 - ilikebooty00 #129
  • Constantine99999
    I`m sorry, I didn`t realise that you are not only an expert on cats and dust, but also with women`s bottoms. Priceless! lol.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #130
  • AfroSlipKnotFan
    I personally just think Orbs are just dust.
    22 Abril de 2008 - AfroSlipKnotFan #131
  • joecitizan
    I don't know if it's dust or some other natural cause (spirit, bug, etc.) but I can say something on a cats vision. Their eyes are like mine, photosensitive. They can process the ultraviolet spectrum. I can do the same, and even require special glasses as the sun, and even houselights cause me headaches and a total whiteout of sight after a few hours of exposer. The North Star is as bright to me as a full moon to the average person. Came in handy when I use to use a bow to hunt at night.
    22 Abril de 2008 - joecitizan #132
  • omniexistus
    ok now catman
    22 Abril de 2008 - omniexistus #133
  • Mayhemni
    all the cat did was look around and lick itself.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Mayhemni #134
  • JessBisme
    ... someone has WAY too much time on their hands to sit there and videotape an empty room in the dark and a cat licking itself and then try to say that it's spirits floating around? ... yeah. If i'm not mistaken, isn't an "infrared" light one that detects heat? You don't have an infrared light on that camera. you have your night-vision light on.
    22 Abril de 2008 - JessBisme #135
  • Constantine99999
    Well, if you believe yourself why bother sharing your views with others who actually believe?Yes, you are mistaken:-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #136
  • JessBisme
    If I believe myself.... why bother sharing my views with others that actually believe... I dunno, but this screams "typo" to me. Are we missing a word here? Perhaps the word "don't" or something? And if that is the case and there is indeed a word missing... I'm bothering to share my views with others because I can. =D word to freedom.
    22 Abril de 2008 - JessBisme #137
  • Constantine99999
    You are correct. We have the right to state your views - `this is a democracy`. That`s why I have not removed your comments even though you are talking nonsense. But I`ll defend your right to say it.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #138
  • xcherryflavoredx
    Well, it's pretty sad to go onto a video that you disagree with, or don't like and comment. This is a video sight, FFS, not bloody Newsnight.
    22 Abril de 2008 - xcherryflavoredx #139
  • xcherryflavoredx
    The cat is very cute!
    22 Abril de 2008 - xcherryflavoredx #140
  • bradr29
    Yes those look like the orbs you see in active places/homes, if there's no other rational explanation for them. Do some investigating with audio and video, you should find more at some point (if you didn't know that already). Even homes that aren't overly active or "noisy," still have orbs and EVP activity you can record, if spirits inhabit the area.
    22 Abril de 2008 - bradr29 #141
  • irvingcsaltzburg
    orbs, demons, paranormal entities, and now psychic this constantine guy should write his own nerdy paranormal monster manual, dungeons & dragons style. haha that would be a kick
    22 Abril de 2008 - irvingcsaltzburg #142
  • secretsocietywinks
    I hate to be a doubting I am a believer myself but...firstly cats CAN see in the dark! the are nocturnal creatures they hunt at night...they don't take a torch along with for the orbs? Dust! A friend and I were given an old dye factory to use for our community project, and on the first day we got the keys we photographed and filmed us cleaning and sorting as part of a memorialized show case, in the photo's and footage is hundreds of these orbs..
    22 Abril de 2008 - secretsocietywinks #143
  • Constantine99999
    I trust you have satisfactorily proved dust?I video a lot my friend, and if `dust` was always the cause why is it not present everytime I video? Do please tell me! I must be confused????? Or (plan B) you are talking out of your bottom. Thanks for commenting. have a nice day!
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #144
  • ShiningFlamez
    1, Did he ever say they COULDN'T SEE IN THE DARK?2, How often do cats chase dust, honestly?
    22 Abril de 2008 - ShiningFlamez #145
  • Constantine99999
    ShingFlamez - You can`t beat knee jerk reactions can you? lol
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #146
  • justjan123
    My partner has seen these in our apartment at night. Our cat, Idget, will actually play with them. We were wondering if it might be our other cat who passed away.
    22 Abril de 2008 - justjan123 #147
  • Ziegeldecker
    Ghost mice:) Seriously, it doesn't look like dust.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Ziegeldecker #148
  • hottentot0o7
    I believe in the paranormal. Have experienced it before. also I have played with my cats with a laser pointer, in the dark through infrared camera. it looks the same.
    22 Abril de 2008 - hottentot0o7 #149
  • hottentot0o7
    sorry if my previous comment was offensive to you. cute cat .
    22 Abril de 2008 - hottentot0o7 #150
  • DenzelBoy interesting, i new cats could see paranormal anomalies
    22 Abril de 2008 - DenzelBoy #151
  • fatuesque
    Interesting experiment....i'd try that all the time and see if the cat chases an orb now THAT would be a great video and something special.Cute cat btw.
    22 Abril de 2008 - fatuesque #152
  • pitusyt
    Don't get upset, try this: block the IR illuminnator in your camera so the room appears dark in night-vision mode. Find another IR source - from another camera? ... and place it far from your camera, say, next to the door... the room should appear brighter now and you're no longer dealing with dust next to the Lens. Can you spot any orbs this time? As for the "reacting to humans"... if you speak up next to camer, you could blow dust from it... into the view... How else can they react to people?
    22 Abril de 2008 - pitusyt #153
  • Constantine99999
    pitusyt.Well if I turned off the illuminator fitted to the camera there would be complete darkness and no video at all. The illuminator used is the camera`s own and not an `add on` like the Sony or Cobra. As far as orbs reacting to humans - you try it. It works for me in my house.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #154
  • hardmous
    I want to hug the cat with my soul!
    22 Abril de 2008 - hardmous #155
  • britt16734
    thats a lot of orbs
    22 Abril de 2008 - britt16734 #156
  • nyny27
    those are clearly dust parts, orbs have a far brighter aura around them and they just "appear" out of anywhere" you need to measure the temp. difference, thats how you know there is an orb around
    22 Abril de 2008 - nyny27 #157
  • Constantine99999
    nyny27.Thanks for the tips, but may I recommend you actually check out the series of videos on this room posted on YouTube by me. No disrespect, but you are talking nonsense. There are many factors, not least the ability to interact with them.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #158
  • tripnball
    take the camera outside in daylight. preferably no clouds bright sunny day. and use infrared up in the sky and see what you see. then plz post it here asap. thanks man. i love the paranormal
    22 Abril de 2008 - tripnball #159
  • Constantine99999
    tripnball - It`s all bright white light - nothing else. What should I see - apart from damaging the IR?
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #160
  • tripnball
    i didn't know the i.r. can be damaged. nevermind.
    22 Abril de 2008 - tripnball #161
  • tripnball
    this other video i saw was outside b4 sundown and there were millions of glowing orbs allround like bugs. shot in i.r. see if you can find that 1. i'm looking still for it. i love this stuff. i want as much knowledge as i can of it. time maybe short. keep amazing yourselfs
    22 Abril de 2008 - tripnball #162
  • tripnball
    maybe these are something crossing over into our dimention due to the 3600 year thingy. i can't stop thinking bout everything. give me more. more. more! till i am at peace.
    22 Abril de 2008 - tripnball #163
  • austinparanormal
    I did a video shoot in my room one night. There were orbs flying every where. In the middle of all this my cat Alex jumped up on the bed and started talking to the orbs. He was also jumping up at them, and rubbing the posters on the bed to be petted. Would a cat do that with dust?
    22 Abril de 2008 - austinparanormal #164
  • Constantine99999
    austinparanormalThanks for commenting. But I`m afraid some `skeptics` (total non-believer`s) would still deny it because I think it actually frightens them! lolThanks for posting.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #165
  • NunoyvgvnaAwi
    I've had an orb experience but not like most I see. Mine were plain as day like glowing gold translucent marbles w/ a bright light, 7 of them.Seeing all these white ones, makes me think of passage of bible.. " and I shall raise the dead from their slumber ". Are we seeing the dead rise? Remember, billions have died before us.
    22 Abril de 2008 - NunoyvgvnaAwi #166
  • Constantine99999
    Thanks NunoyvgvnaAwi! :-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #167
  • DarkTamerSteph
    Yeah, but you also have to remember... How many people throughout history itself claim to have seen spirits of loved ones, or something of the like??Spirits have always been around. Human, or even just regular spirits, are everywhere, and have always been everywhere. You can't just give the bible credit for what happens naturally.
    22 Abril de 2008 - DarkTamerSteph #168
  • napalmnacey
    I'm always careful of orb videos, but this was very compelling for me: The cat stopped mid-lick to look at the orb. Do you know how hard it is to get a cat's attention away from cleaning themselves?! (I'm sure you would, you're a cat owner!) Something must have really captured that cat's attention! Gorgeous puss-puss, by the way. I just wanted to schnorgle her round puffy head!
    22 Abril de 2008 - napalmnacey #169
  • Constantine99999
    napalmnacey, You`ve hit the nail on the head there! Cat`s don`t like to be distracted. Yes, you are right, she`s a lovely little thing.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #170
  • JEESTAR22592
    Wow. I really do think this could be proof of ghosts. I'm adding this to my favorites man, congrats on making it onto CNN :]
    22 Abril de 2008 - JEESTAR22592 #171
  • Constantine99999
    Thanks Jeestar22592:-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #172
  • lilemos3
    My cat was sitting on my floor cleaning himself and I went to take his picture and when I looked at the pic he was stopped looking straight at an orb. The strange thing was I couldn't see it with my naked eye but I could see it faintly on the screen of my digtal camera moveing back and forth and the pictures where crazy!!!!! There was only one though.
    22 Abril de 2008 - lilemos3 #173
  • bustergmaxx
    i agree, i live alone with my cat, and its this feline friend (and coast-to-coast!)that have "re-directed my skepticism" - i think our media hav a lot to answer for. i have different experiences than the ppl around me, and everytime i get distracted (i wish to say forget!) i find my cat staring in the same locations or just loudly waking up and leaving me. they're cute but i'd sell it before im convinced its brave!! :(- and i aint sellin it
    22 Abril de 2008 - bustergmaxx #174
  • Saridim
    That cat has a good attention-span to these orbs doesn't she...I've had an orb experience myself...Its was quite dark out too...It appeared right in my face bright as day...when i moved my hand swatting it away (thought it was a firefly or something) my hand went through it and as it went through it, the orb was late that i realised that it was to big to be a firefly...I'd say it was about the size of my fathers fist. great video by the way
    22 Abril de 2008 - Saridim #175
  • nandofernandes2007
    holly shit!!! that aint no dust....yo home is haunted man....-FF
    22 Abril de 2008 - nandofernandes2007 #176
  • drfinlay
    Two nights ago (30.11.07) we were watching the new kitten that the landlady of my local pub had just got a couple of days earlier, it had been fine for ages then went into the corner started making weird growling noises and started throwing itsef around on the floor when we took a picture (and stopped laughing at the dumb thing) we noticed a white ball a foot above in the photo that we could not see normally.......
    22 Abril de 2008 - drfinlay #177
  • CTDConsciousness
    It is my intention to disclose the true nature of Orbs as they are presented in the new book "The Orb Project" and by many of private researchers. I have come to the conclusion that these are no spirits, no "ghosts", no hints to the astral sphere. Please have a look on my video: watch?v=NkCTVZBjsz8
    22 Abril de 2008 - CTDConsciousness #178
  • Constantine99999
    Your video produces no evidence whatsover! :-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #179
  • CTDConsciousness
    Please have a look on my reply (at my video) :)
    22 Abril de 2008 - CTDConsciousness #180
  • BanderHM
    I may agree that cats have no infrared vision but they have very sensetive ears. I think that the cat in your vid can catch the sound of dust movement or whatever.
    22 Abril de 2008 - BanderHM #181
  • Constantine99999
    Sonic the cat??
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #182
  • BanderHM
    It doesn't catch it accurately as seeming in the video,it is somewhat confused :)In other words, take such things into consideration.
    22 Abril de 2008 - BanderHM #183
  • Constantine99999
    Are you now a cat psychologist?
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #184
  • BanderHM
    Actually, It's my major. I'm studying animal behavior and comparative psychology.
    22 Abril de 2008 - BanderHM #185
  • Constantine99999
    Is comparative bullsxxxt part of the syllabus?I`m sure you`ll probably get a masters at it.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #186
  • BanderHM
    There is no need to get personal. This is science? right?I've been very polite. Accept the margine of disagreement to achieve something good in your life.
    22 Abril de 2008 - BanderHM #187
  • Constantine99999
    If all else fails a) accuse responder of being a bully. b) act hurt! c) make a `feel good` comment.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #188
  • KyoSohma221
    Well of course it's confused. Just because it can sense these orbs doesn't mean it understands where they're coming from. I have a blind cat at home and she often will hear something, but she doesn't quite know where it is. It probably goes the same for a cat's 6th sense. They feel it, they just don't know where from.
    22 Abril de 2008 - KyoSohma221 #189
  • Constantine99999
    Well thanks for sharing.As far as confusion goes, she doesn`t know where they come from, but she knows they are there and can see them. Sometimes her attentive staring at night reveals paranormal activity.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #190
  • KyoSohma221
    Exactly. ^^ Cats are nothing short of amazing, hehe.
    22 Abril de 2008 - KyoSohma221 #191
  • Constantine99999
    They are indeed! They get their own way all of the time, they are `comfort zone` orientated, and I`m sure they keep humans as pets! lol
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #192
  • Constantine99999
    You go for them Dee! :-) lol
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #193
  • ThoughtTravel
    I used to have a cat, so psychic, While he had her head up a lampshade for warmth, across the room, I would look ( just look) in her direction at a commercial. She we let out a little wimper, pull out from under the shade and look directly at me and meow and purr, then go back. Talk about the hairs on your neck raising!!!
    22 Abril de 2008 - ThoughtTravel #194
  • Constantine99999
    Thanks for sharing. Cat`s never cease to amaze me :-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #195
  • Constantine99999
    Thanks Macralandia! :-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #196
  • BabyJcaca
    At first I thought it saw something and it probably did but I think when it would be looking up it was just following the light of the camera. Did you ever think of that?
    22 Abril de 2008 - BabyJcaca #197
  • Constantine99999
    Cat`s vision appears to be outside the spectrum of infrared sensitivity, as I have tested night time ir recording on the cat in question.During normal use without `orbs` being present the cat has showed no reaction to the direction of the IR light.I have another cat - and I have tested him with `otb` activity. He shows no reaction whatsover. I think the cat`s ability is mixture of acutely sensitive eyesight and dare I say, an awareness to psychic activity.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #198
  • Rump1eteazer
    two of my favorites, Cats & orbs! I belive these are real, our cat did the same thing once, unfortunetly I couldn't get it one tape :(
    22 Abril de 2008 - Rump1eteazer #199
  • iamscaredofghosts
    I have a video of what we think is a ghost check it out!!
    22 Abril de 2008 - iamscaredofghosts #200
  • puttznboxers
    This was great, thanks. I often watch my cats do the same thing.
    22 Abril de 2008 - puttznboxers #201
  • jumpingjacker1
    i got the proof. to show the world the meaning of life, i have no money so for me to get the attention of people it would almost be impossible, time is running out for us to be saved,? im a believer, and i have proof. HOW CAN I SHOW YOU!!?
    22 Abril de 2008 - jumpingjacker1 #202
  • puddn4evr
    whats freaky my brother at 2 can see things and in a picture we took he is reaching for one, us, we can not probably see them for we "filter" kind of what we see. its wierd.
    22 Abril de 2008 - puddn4evr #203
  • ichigo050
    Dude.. This is awesome :D
    22 Abril de 2008 - ichigo050 #204
  • dagigglepies24
    I have seen the same thing. little white specks that dart past and dissappear. it's strange because we don't live in a back country haunted house and the house isnt very old. Im not sure what to think. good video
    22 Abril de 2008 - dagigglepies24 #205
  • Nsfishy
    Weird my house is 43 years old and we have had somebody die in it but our cats always have seen something that we haven't but i didn't think it would be orbs and our cats play with dust sometimes but thats only if they are stupid.....
    22 Abril de 2008 - Nsfishy #206
  • DigitalDevilGrin
    Kinda reminds me of this cat we used to have. She would sit at the windowsill and just stare intently at something outside. When anybody looked where she was looking, she acted nonchalant.I always wondered about that.
    22 Abril de 2008 - DigitalDevilGrin #207
  • stickmasterDX
    lol the cat looks like a pottery cat coz its staring. hehehe XD
    22 Abril de 2008 - stickmasterDX #208
  • Constantine99999
    Thanks Sharky:-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #209
  • Exsecrabilis
    Greetings once again Constantine, its being a while since I got back to you. This is the same constantine I typed to before right? I hope so, anyways you have a good video..
    22 Abril de 2008 - Exsecrabilis #210
  • Constantine99999
    Hi there again!:-) Long time no hear, glad you are back:-) Thanks for your kind comments!
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #211
  • TatyDarkangel
    I have a black cat... and he can see in the dark ... like me... loool He is sooooo cute... lol Well i think i know whi we can see in the dark... But my cat is not psychic,or he will know wath i am thinking,and we dont run way of me somethimes,like he does... well this video is... Nothing special for me... If you talk about things who can hurt you... and drink your blood... that will be good... XD lol
    22 Abril de 2008 - TatyDarkangel #212
  • Constantine99999
    If you want to`talk about things who can hurt you... and drink your blood...` you should either join a political party, or engage the services of a lawyer:-)My cat`s pyschic - She`s telling me she wants to eat and then sleep in front of the fire! :-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #213
  • starlight2k47
    The cat is definitely seeing something.
    22 Abril de 2008 - starlight2k47 #214
  • baetores
    At 2:24 the orb is brighter than the light shining on the cat. You'd more easily distinguish them with lights turned off.The cat is not interested at all, and is only looking up from his licking behaviour when the light is changing position. Which even bores him soon enough to continue the licking process. And close to the end it's looking the other way out of disinterestedness.
    22 Abril de 2008 - baetores #215
  • Constantine99999
    Yawn! Thanks for that. By the way, it`s a girl cat but as you wasn`t there, you wouldn`t know that, would you? Much like everything else you have opinionated.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #216
  • Dee1271
    Chris do you wanna Brandy love? lol
    22 Abril de 2008 - Dee1271 #217
  • Constantine99999
    Only if the kids don`t mind! lol :-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #218
  • Dee1271
    No of course not they don't touch it they only insist on vodka!
    22 Abril de 2008 - Dee1271 #219
  • Constantine99999
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #220
  • teenhartjes
    orbs are brons of energy of souls from dead people.
    22 Abril de 2008 - teenhartjes #221
  • Mymadness88
    ahm the cat is watching insects i made already that with that kind of camera, the big light points are insects , the other lights without a doubt are orbs , cause the dust has not a spherical form, the dust is very irregular
    22 Abril de 2008 - Mymadness88 #222
  • Constantine99999
    Same to you pinklover63! :-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #223
  • bocomoco1984
    We humans have the ability to see 7 spectres of light: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Anil (don't know if that's the word in english) and Violet. All the colors we see are compositions of these ones, in different proportions. There's a kind of shrimp wich can see 12 spectres (it sees even Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red). Dogs can hear 10 times better than us. Many animals 'feel' the world better than us, and I think that's why sometimes they seem alert with no aparent reason. No psychic stuff.
    22 Abril de 2008 - bocomoco1984 #224
  • bocomoco1984
    Oh, and the orbs are dust particles reflecting the camera light. The sizes and blur are because these particles are very close to the Lens. That's just what I think.
    22 Abril de 2008 - bocomoco1984 #225
  • Constantine99999
    That`s your opinion because that`s what you believe. Have a look at THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT ORBS
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #226
  • pmespo
    thats called paranoia.Lay of the skunk bud.
    22 Abril de 2008 - pmespo #227
  • 1calinyc4
    sum can be dust,but most isnt, i have orbs on camera also, i even asked one to fly around my hand and in less than 2nd one came and did wat i asked, to top it off i ce them wit my own eyez even in tha dark when im tryin to sleep, even outside or anywhere i go..i ce them everywhere.
    22 Abril de 2008 - 1calinyc4 #228
  • Wabbit0789
    lovely cat , he/she looks quite chilled cleaning his/her self lmao nice capture of orbs, defo can't be dust hay.I have a few on my still film camera, including some bizarre lights.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Wabbit0789 #229
  • crabheart
    dust. even with the different angles becouse its so close to the camrea. ever waved your hands at a buch of dust? it gose everywhere. could also be radio activity. ever seen video of chyrnobl? the stuff is everywhere.
    22 Abril de 2008 - crabheart #230
  • Constantine99999
    Sorry, we don`t use radioactive dust.Also, the info regarding dust is incorrect.Please view THE TRUTH ABOUT ORBS
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #231
  • crabheart
    its not "radioactive dust" radio activity skrews with cameras and makes white dots appear similar to what you have
    22 Abril de 2008 - crabheart #232
  • Constantine99999
    Thanks for looking at the video I recommended, and also thanks for leaving such an expert reply. It`s patently obvious that you know very little and won`t acknowledge that there are others who do. Hence the ignoring of my response. Well done!
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #233
  • lilprincess316
    that is such a cute little cat... i think that it really was looking at orbs cuz it looked scared
    22 Abril de 2008 - lilprincess316 #234
  • LauriciaSinger
    send it to James Randi; he will award you with lots of money if this is real.
    22 Abril de 2008 - LauriciaSinger #235
  • Constantine99999
    Of course he will....
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #236
  • ABR1994
    haha XD the cat saw the orb at 2:25 when he was likking :P
    22 Abril de 2008 - ABR1994 #237
  • kassychain
    Once, I was taking care of a little store(shop) we use to have. I was on a mocking chair, watching tv. I had a little bit of fever, but.. still I think this did happen. At first.. I thought it could be some kind of a fairy.. but now I think it could of been orbs.What I saw was like little round translucid (not sure if that's the word) bubble with a black coloured touch.. and in it's center.. it had like.. a small ray of what seemd energy or light. It was strange..
    22 Abril de 2008 - kassychain #238
  • Constantine99999
    Kassy: That`s very interesting indeed. Could you try and photograph it? Would love to see them:-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #239
  • kassychain
    That was.. like.. 2 years ago. It happend to me only that once, so I wasn't able to tape it nore anything. I remember also trying to shout to my mother that was inside the house. I tried shouting through the window, but.. I was like amused because of seeing those things and I couldn't talk.. but when I did and turned to the window.. they weren't there anymore.. I wish I could see them again.
    22 Abril de 2008 - kassychain #240
  • sirhohos
    No offence but thats clearly dust. Any one could see the same thing in there own house with a normal camera. Infrared dosnt alow you to see dust, it allows you to see through dust because of its small wave lengths. All those pretty pictures of the space are taken with infrared to get past all the dust between the observer and the image.
    22 Abril de 2008 - sirhohos #241
  • Constantine99999
    Well that`s your opinion - merely that.And apparently your cat`s opinion too!No offence taken, but no offence you appear to contradict yourself over the question of dust and IR light. I could point you to some evidence gathered by me, but when I do direct sceptics they always ignore it! But these are your opinions and thank you for sharing them.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #242
  • sirhohos
    Im not a sceptic i do belive in the paranormal and if you have more info id like to see it. And how did i contradict myself?
    22 Abril de 2008 - sirhohos #243
  • Constantine99999
    Well, IR doesn`t allow you to see `dust` for one! :-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #244
  • sirhohos
    So a cat wouldnt need infrared to see dust, it would actually mean the cat couldnt see dust if it had infrared vision. Also that could explain why the "orbs" seem to disappear when they get close to the center of the camera view. The infrared light is going straight through the dust particles.
    22 Abril de 2008 - sirhohos #245
  • sirhohos
    Your cat also seems more preoccupied with licking its self than any thing else, so I doubt any thing odd is happening. My cat stairs blankly into space all the time. Now the last little fast orbs near the end were probably bugs. My cat loves chasing bugs too.
    22 Abril de 2008 - sirhohos #246
  • irwitty111222333
    you nead some real orbs i am a pro the way to see if its an orbe you zoom in and if thars coler its an orbe
    22 Abril de 2008 - irwitty111222333 #247
    I think you just blew bubbles that floated in front of your camera...
    22 Abril de 2008 - RATCL1FF #248
  • Constantine99999
    Lol! `I`m forever blowing bubbles`.... :-)
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #249
  • CanItAlready
    I love your statment at the end, effectively dismissing/discounting any attempts to debunk the video as being "YouTube". That could easily be turned around, since there are many videos on here attempting to convince people that easily explained objects or events are paranormal. In any case, I have cats and IR cameras and I've seen bits of dust float past the cameras that looked just like your video and cats in that dimly lit room didn't react to the "orbs" any more than yours did.
    22 Abril de 2008 - CanItAlready #250
  • Constantine99999
    You are a truly remarkable person.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #251
  • CanItAlready
    IN addition, your camera is handheld when ideally, it should have been sat on a table or tripod to eliminate the possibility of the camera operator stirring up dust. It did appear that you were sitting on a bed, which would contain dust that could be stirred up by the amount of movement visible in the video. As for the cat, it didn't seem to be reacting the way cats tend to when they see things flying around. They swat, bat and chase normally. Your cat sat, stared and bathed.
    22 Abril de 2008 - CanItAlready #252
  • Constantine99999
    Thanks for sharing your opinion.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #253
  • Scarfe619
    k well I wish I had orbs, I'm stuck with the random shadow every like month or so. For the cat, even if it is dust, the cat would be able to see shadows maneuvering about the room that most likely are not viewable by the camera. My cat sees them a lot and the odd time I'll see a figure standing still thinking someones there when no ones home. -.-
    22 Abril de 2008 - Scarfe619 #254
  • ButteKhan
    at 3.00 U can see the cat reacts on the dust comin from the left side of the bed, the dust that appears goin towards the door.
    22 Abril de 2008 - ButteKhan #255
  • Constantine99999
    Well if the cat reacts to that, it can`t be dust, can it?
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #256
  • rizloman
    a cat would respond to a torch with a sock over it. but i believe i see orbs alot boring but there
    22 Abril de 2008 - rizloman #257
  • Vittorio165
    that was boring!!!!!!!!!!!well maby not to you guys but to me it was mabye it was because i dident understand it that much...................
    22 Abril de 2008 - Vittorio165 #258
  • SwedishDirector
    Hi! Interesting video about orbs. I really hope you can accept my video response, eventhough its not like your video. Eventhough i made it in a comic way, i think its important to see several sides of it. :) Have a nice day!- Robert
    22 Abril de 2008 - SwedishDirector #259
  • CrankThtLilEm
    it looks like the orbs are dancing
    22 Abril de 2008 - CrankThtLilEm #260
  • snuffisx9
    Look ghosts existsi have them in my house sometimes and i love your videos Constantine
    22 Abril de 2008 - snuffisx9 #261
  • halkvideos
    I believe in orbs..but my friend..looks like you were using a laser keep going in the same? direction toward the bed..
    22 Abril de 2008 - halkvideos #262
  • Constantine99999
    If I was going to use a `laser light` don`t you think I would make it look spectacular? They go towards me because they want to. Which suggests an intelligence. If you don`t believe, I really don`t mind. It`s a free world, but don`t ever suggest I cheat because the reason I show these videos is to share with viewers what spiritual activity is really like and not what people imagine it to be.
    22 Abril de 2008 - Constantine99999 #263
  • zuniga6412
    every time these people show a vid they play some spooky music.why do they have to do that.thats not what they heard when they saw or heard something.cut the drama...
    22 Abril de 2008 - zuniga6412 #264
  • bergrud
    In the start you can here that you are breathing heavily, i was taking an cigarette while watching and noticed the same "patterns or lack of it in the smoke... i believe but this was dust
    22 Abril de 2008 - bergrud #265
  • morphassa
    O_o ... leave that house dude
    22 Abril de 2008 - morphassa #266
  • SharinganTear
    Amazing. I have? similar event in my house. My cat will suddenly hiss at a empty spot. I take a picture and a small ball of strange thing appear. I have also captured smoke and a strange line of light that goes in a spiral.
    22 Abril de 2008 - SharinganTear #267
  • EffAreOhhGee
    Ok I'm not saying you're wrong, but, I rest my case???? WTF!?!?!?!? Definitely not dismissing the footage as dust; but I think this phenomenon requires further investigation; don't? you?
    22 Abril de 2008 - EffAreOhhGee #268

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