Roop Tera Mastana (Sharmila Tagore &, Rajesh Khanna)

Jis Gali Mein Tera Ghar (Rajesh Khanna &, Asha Parekh)

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  • mohit1984u
    Kishore Da at his romantic Best..
    21 Abril de 2008 - mohit1984u #1
  • bollygirluk
    i agree!
    21 Abril de 2008 - bollygirluk #2
  • arzoo78
    best of bollywoodvery classic song,i love rajesh khanna
    21 Abril de 2008 - arzoo78 #3
  • Appreciationsociety
    Unbelievably brilliant. Total genius.
    21 Abril de 2008 - Appreciationsociety #4
  • nchinoy
    praise the lord for kishore? kumar
    21 Abril de 2008 - nchinoy #5
  • haridham
    21 Abril de 2008 - haridham #6
  • dyutsisme
    xcellent song.......nd xcellent vdo....sharmilla thakur at her best
    21 Abril de 2008 - dyutsisme #7
  • jaiind
    mind blowing sd burman clasic
    21 Abril de 2008 - jaiind #8
  • Arcellan
    What about the accordion and the other intrumentalists?
    21 Abril de 2008 - Arcellan #9
  • indodesi
    21 Abril de 2008 - indodesi #10
  • geeska
    it takes me back the old good days when the whole world was innocent
    26 Mayo de 2008 - geeska #11
  • bluemountain399
    very good song
    26 Mayo de 2008 - bluemountain399 #12
  • devindrapooran
    Very good song? Man this is a bloody classic, great song. Kishore and Rajesh in yuh back.
    26 Mayo de 2008 - devindrapooran #13
  • sonny19xx
    Timeless , evergreen classic ! Thanks Rajshri.The score by SD is absolutely brilliant but not truly Indian classical music. But whatever Kishore gives his soul and voice.
    26 Mayo de 2008 - sonny19xx #14
  • ayikudiyan
    do you know the whole song is picturised in a single shot... this great!!
    26 Mayo de 2008 - ayikudiyan #15
  • prashhu007
    Seriously, Damm!! Awesome
    26 Mayo de 2008 - prashhu007 #16
  • abdulmuezz
    just do her man!
    26 Mayo de 2008 - abdulmuezz #17
  • SYED2389
    Yeah dude, your'e right
    26 Mayo de 2008 - SYED2389 #18
  • jamesbond1066
    bhool hu jati hai,coz im sure she gets pregnant and he dies.poor thing.
    26 Mayo de 2008 - jamesbond1066 #19
  • kishore5
    This song made Kishore the best or the equal to Rafi
    26 Mayo de 2008 - kishore5 #20
  • gengarjetty
    "This song made Kishore the best or the equal to Rafi "equal, not THE best.Don't forget manna dey and mukhesh.
    25 Junio de 2008 - gengarjetty #21
  • urduwala
    25 Junio de 2008 - urduwala #22
  • secret00112233
    Does any1 know the meaning of this song?
    25 Junio de 2008 - secret00112233 #23
  • mihir1310
    awesome video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!in a single shot, & mind it ,,not a woord SPOKEN by the actors .. Just their expressions & Kishore da's words do the trick !!!
    25 Junio de 2008 - mihir1310 #24
  • inajar1949
    incredible hindi music and culture. full of love and passion.attracts listeners from all over the world
    25 Junio de 2008 - inajar1949 #25
  • sureshshah
    Kishor is? the bestrafi, manna day, mukesh are next
    25 Julio de 2008 - sureshshah #26
  • the6fs
    one of the best seductive songs in the histroy of hindi films. it has been picturised so beautifully? and so artistically.
    25 Julio de 2008 - the6fs #27
  • rthomasg
    ....not to forget ace composer R.D Burman who gave life to this song
    25 Julio de 2008 - rthomasg #28
  • kalabhakth
    the music is by SD Burman (RD's father)....both are pure musical genius...
    25 Julio de 2008 - kalabhakth #29
  • pogogal17
    this is saif's mom guysi love saif
    25 Julio de 2008 - pogogal17 #30
  • sagarganga4ever
    like diz song v.much! x
    25 Julio de 2008 - sagarganga4ever #31
  • rajaramraok
    Most sensuous song of Hindi movie ever made .
    25 Julio de 2008 - rajaramraok #32
  • nchakraborty
    The red towel has got talent!
    25 Julio de 2008 - nchakraborty #33
    24 Agosto de 2008 - REYANKA #34
  • nchakraborty
    I don't think so...look at the clip on the shoulder...but anyways, be it towel or saree, picturization rocks!
    24 Agosto de 2008 - nchakraborty #35
  • madhumass
    no, its not a saree. They got wet in the rain so she draped herself in? the res towel/bedsheet.. but its definitely not her saree
    24 Agosto de 2008 - madhumass #36
    24 Agosto de 2008 - REYANKA #37
  • prashhu007
    Single shot !!!!
    24 Agosto de 2008 - prashhu007 #38
  • th3dilwaleBollywood
    me gusta esta cancion mucho mucho ,la primera vez quew la escuche fue en la pelicula de madhuri dixit? " Raja"
    24 Agosto de 2008 - th3dilwaleBollywood #39
  • nightryder2387
    no song will ever be better than this song here.ever.
    24 Agosto de 2008 - nightryder2387 #40
  • jniuna
    ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????? ???????????????
    24 Agosto de 2008 - jniuna #41
  • 8annapuppoo
    Alas no songs like this nowWallowing in nsotalgia
    24 Agosto de 2008 - 8annapuppoo #42
  • jainothing
    you are not alone
    24 Agosto de 2008 - jainothing #43
  • farooqk05
    i love
    24 Agosto de 2008 - farooqk05 #44
  • cinnamonianpalona
    Not one shot. There are 2 cuts. Still a great gaana.
    23 Septiembre de 2008 - cinnamonianpalona #45
  • nchakraborty
    Thank you! Finally somebody is talking sense...I have been arguing since ages that it? is a towel...
    23 Septiembre de 2008 - nchakraborty #46
  • topstar82
    mui buenas tiene alguien la pelicula aradhana por favor digamelo la necesito gracias
    23 Septiembre de 2008 - topstar82 #47
  • sandeepnataraj1982
    Splendid Mate!Thanks for uploadingSandeep NatarajNJ
    23 Septiembre de 2008 - sandeepnataraj1982 #48
  • 1150002
    awosome song and romantic video
    23 Septiembre de 2008 - 1150002 #49
  • poppyso
    Sharmila looks worried. I think she left the oven on?
    23 Septiembre de 2008 - poppyso #50
  • amitks1
    rajesh khanna rocks!!
    23 Septiembre de 2008 - amitks1 #51
  • cagla21
    wonderful songi love rajesh khanna
    23 Septiembre de 2008 - cagla21 #52
  • KingOfMumbai1989
    this song is amazing. rajesh khanna and sharmila tagore rock!!
    23 Septiembre de 2008 - KingOfMumbai1989 #53
  • fouzi85
    hmmm... good song and better still is the entire movie from from beginning to end... wish they would bring out part two of this movie :S but obviously bollywood is going down the drain now and the songs are outrageous, so dont think they would be able to do a better job even if they did bring out part two.. Does anyone know who sharmila tagore married? and if she has any children? Also, who did Rajesh Khanna marry? and does he have any children? I'm unsure. :S
    23 Septiembre de 2008 - fouzi85 #54
  • drs2414
    r u from mars or venus
    23 Septiembre de 2008 - drs2414 #55
  • lvf1dipu
    Sharmila Tagore married the Nawab Of Pataudi and one of the kid is Saif Ali Khan
    23 Septiembre de 2008 - lvf1dipu #56
  • fouzi85
    drs... I am from neither, if u are asking me. Please comment sensibly in future. ?? :S
    23 Septiembre de 2008 - fouzi85 #57
  • rajeevsaboo
    kya chemistry kya timing, the charismatic pair " rajesh khanna / sharmilla tagore ", you dont need fuel to ignite nor matchsticks to inflame such great emotions only what you need is a good music system & kishore kumars voice with tiltillating music & LYRICS.
    23 Septiembre de 2008 - rajeevsaboo #58
  • insipid4444
    for drs2414 man you are so sarcastic!! But funny!
    23 Octubre de 2008 - insipid4444 #59
  • settok33
    Do you know who Saif Ali Khan is? This gorgeous lady is his mother! Ever heard of the beauty Dimple Kapadia? She is Rajesh's divorced wife. Sharmila married a cricketor, Mansoor Ali Khan.
    23 Octubre de 2008 - settok33 #60
  • Jabalpuri
    Kishore Da won the Filmfare Best Song award for this masterpiece. BTW, he has the most wins in history, even more than Rafi Sahab.
    23 Octubre de 2008 - Jabalpuri #61
  • KingOfMumbai1989
    really strong words...shows a burning passion...raat nasheeli masta samaa hai | aaj nashe mein saara jahaan hai | aaye sharaabi mausam behelaaye ||
    23 Octubre de 2008 - KingOfMumbai1989 #62
  • roodieee
    khanna king of bollywood 4 ever superstar kaka
    23 Octubre de 2008 - roodieee #63
  • kaallu10
    why can't embed
    23 Octubre de 2008 - kaallu10 #64
  • madameyifu
    JUST WOW!!!
    23 Octubre de 2008 - madameyifu #65
  • farzanaavon
    Sharmila married a Nawab, Pataudi. was he a crickteer as well?
    22 Noviembre de 2008 - farzanaavon #66
  • mygoodfriend69
    Sharmila married the cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. He was a nawab and was Indian cricket captain. It's interesting to see how 2 people refer to the same person but with different parts of his full name! :-)
    22 Noviembre de 2008 - mygoodfriend69 #67
  • jaiminshah8594
    a correction...Hai sharabi mausam behkaye....thanx
    22 Noviembre de 2008 - jaiminshah8594 #68
  • komandhur
    what a song !!! entire sequence in a single shot!!! guess how many takes that would have taken. who knows probably just one :P
    22 Noviembre de 2008 - komandhur #69
    this song say everything for me
    22 Noviembre de 2008 - SEXYPUNJABAN1980 #70
  • Blingss84
    well guess I have to sing it to you ;)
    22 Noviembre de 2008 - Blingss84 #71
  • waroidot
    TUNE !!!
    22 Noviembre de 2008 - waroidot #72
  • ordinarydragon
    a real prince and a real gentleman cricketer.
    22 Diciembre de 2008 - ordinarydragon #73
  • hatela007
    what explaination could Sharmila give to Saif about the facial expression when he was a kid? anyone or everyone is welcomed to reply... even Sharmila, Saif or Patodi.
    22 Diciembre de 2008 - hatela007 #74
  • knpradeep77
    How lucky we are, we din't have people like himesh reshmiya around those days
    22 Diciembre de 2008 - knpradeep77 #75
  • lumalive
    This is one of my favourite songs since I first heard it in 1971. THANK YOU for posting it.
    22 Diciembre de 2008 - lumalive #76
  • Tendagami
    she is an evergreen beauty.
    22 Diciembre de 2008 - Tendagami #77
  • cinnamonianpalona
    Rajesh emotes bettern Sharmila here
    22 Diciembre de 2008 - cinnamonianpalona #78
  • md88skater
    where can i get the MP3?!
    22 Diciembre de 2008 - md88skater #79
  • knpradeep77
    just imagine salman khan and katrina kaif in this instead of these two greats, ha ha just for fun!
    22 Diciembre de 2008 - knpradeep77 #80
  • sanjayvacharya
    Most erotic song ever on hindi cinema. Thanks!
    22 Diciembre de 2008 - sanjayvacharya #81
  • hotcutebmw
    it the most erotic song and guess what from those times , it just got everything it takes
    22 Diciembre de 2008 - hotcutebmw #82
  • hotcutebmw
    they are so hot specially him
    22 Diciembre de 2008 - hotcutebmw #83
  • Nargiskhan
    Oh! Rajesh Khanna always my dream man
    22 Diciembre de 2008 - Nargiskhan #84
  • coralmac
    I enjoyed listening to this song.
    22 Diciembre de 2008 - coralmac #85
  • samisangi
    the most rocking and lovely song ever i heard
    22 Diciembre de 2008 - samisangi #86
  • samisangi
    i really love this song
    22 Diciembre de 2008 - samisangi #87
  • jojokhansaab
    great song like we ay old is gold
    22 Diciembre de 2008 - jojokhansaab #88
  • 04121527
    It was the most talked about song at that time- the song and the acting - Sharmila is beautiful ! and of course so good with Rajesh. Thanks for the posting.. love it Q!
    22 Diciembre de 2008 - 04121527 #89
  • desigurl1008
    mine too? :)
    21 Enero de 2009 - desigurl1008 #90
  • harquat
    in about 90's the song was favorite ones among all in college auditorium during cultural festivals.
    21 Enero de 2009 - harquat #91
  • footy1001
    great song and shot in one continuous frame! great acting, direction....
    21 Enero de 2009 - footy1001 #92
  • sonny19xx
    This song was the one that shot Rajesh to heights of superstardom. Rajesh looks absolutely stunning. Sharmila is quite cute. Now for the highlights of the song are KK's voice and SD's music. Everything went well for this song and naturally the song became a legend. THANKS A MILLION RAJSHRI
    21 Enero de 2009 - sonny19xx #93
  • InspectorSunitaH
    the song is nice. I like the remix more. I never thought rajesh was hot but an good actor. I dont want to put him down but thanks for oploding. Sharmila? is not that cute as they say. But i never nieuwe her. Never seen her movie before.
    21 Enero de 2009 - InspectorSunitaH #94
  • kehokeho1
    Great song, great video, neither songs? nor films are made like this anymore!
    21 Enero de 2009 - kehokeho1 #95
  • mseskayangeleyes
    is it me or? does the lady look like bipasha basu..?
    21 Enero de 2009 - mseskayangeleyes #96
  • Annihilator333
    I think its you man lol. Sharmila looks nothing like? Bipasha.
    21 Enero de 2009 - Annihilator333 #97
  • giantman121
    please don't called Sharmila bipasha.Bipasha is kali,big , cockeyed eye and on the top look churail. She is only good for horror movies. She is news because she has John abraham?
    21 Enero de 2009 - giantman121 #98
  • isadora47
    she? does look a little like bipasha here
    21 Enero de 2009 - isadora47 #99
  • vinudomlur
    God u must be off ur knockers. Bipasha comes nowhere near Sharmila Tagore. Now u will compare John Abraham. Please buddy see the olden movies to get a feel of the magic these oldies could weave.
    21 Enero de 2009 - vinudomlur #100
  • jaiind
    I always wanted to be like draupati and marry vijay arora, dharmendra and? rajesh khanna and have their babies.
    21 Enero de 2009 - jaiind #101
  • Iceprincessdania
    great song man i? love it
    21 Enero de 2009 - Iceprincessdania #102
  • Mithunda09
    i love this song.?
    21 Enero de 2009 - Mithunda09 #103
  • aquariangirl172
    This song was? shot in one go. Amazing!!
    21 Enero de 2009 - aquariangirl172 #104
  • setraj999
    This is an timeless classic song, one of the best romantic song of indian movies..this movie made rajesh khanna a Superstar and Kishore kumar's songs made him number one singer..Thanks for posting such a Gem..
    21 Enero de 2009 - setraj999 #105
  • setraj999
    The music by SD Burman, kishore's voice, Anand bakshi's lyrics and Rajesh khanna and Sharmila's acting...We dont get such artists in today's's movies are like fast food junk..
    21 Enero de 2009 - setraj999 #106
  • Ved036
    Feudal languages have a beautiful side to it, not evident in the ordinary everyday experience. Women are not worshiped as depicted in the higher levels of any feudal language, including Hindi.Yet!The intoxicating rhyme, the whispery tone & the mesmerising passion! Eerie, gripping feel of aloneness, small space of the log cabin, beseeching warmness of the feminine form, chill in the wintry mountain air, red hue of the burning cinders,vigour of caring fondness that tugs; compelling & divine!!!
    21 Enero de 2009 - Ved036 #107
  • hemnani61
    isadora47:"she does look a little? like bipasha here"Hello:Do u know the difference between Beauty n the BEAST?/ Have u seen bipasha in real life, she looks like a water buffalo!!
    21 Enero de 2009 - hemnani61 #108
  • fouzi85
    hmm thanks, didnt know that. I dont know dimple or who she is.
    20 Febrero de 2009 - fouzi85 #109
  • indodesi
    Right you are.
    20 Febrero de 2009 - indodesi #110
  • iitzeus
    they are both bengalis .. so there may be some fleeting similarity. esp. the eyes .. bengalis tend to have some east asian admixture in them !
    20 Febrero de 2009 - iitzeus #111
  • AnInfant
    East asian admixture? Whaaaa? I have lived in Kolkata for many years and have no idea what you are talking about...And WHO are both bengalis....?
    20 Febrero de 2009 - AnInfant #112
  • fleximonster
    are you for real?&(((* disney boy
    20 Febrero de 2009 - fleximonster #113
  • Ved036
    A feudal language is one, which categorises human beings differently as per many parameters including social position, financial acumen, age, gender, intelligence, physical prowess etc. This is done by using different levels of key words for you, he, she, etc. Considering Hindi, there might be other words like ji, Sabh, Memsahib, Madam Madamji Mahatma etc. The total effect on the social and individual psyche would depend on many other factors including who is speaking to who,
    20 Febrero de 2009 - Ved036 #114
  • Ved036
    and what are their relative positions. This feature of language has not been studied much: Search for this book: March of the evil empires; English verses the feudal languages on Google. As to womens level in Hindi society, it depends on the various words used/not used, and is not same everywhere. Women can be either docile & subdued (lower level), or can be like Indian women police constables (cantankerous & superior); but rarely of an equitable level. Most Indian languages are feudal!
    20 Febrero de 2009 - Ved036 #115
  • apihacker
    well there can be mohtarama , deviji and shrimati. All giving equal respect to women as much as mahashay , janab and shrimaan . Hindustani/hindi/urdu was the language of socialist/leftist writers like Munshi Premchand and Sadaat Hassan Manto.
    20 Febrero de 2009 - apihacker #116
  • Ved036
    Quote: mohtarama , deviji and shrimati. mahashay , janab and shrimaan. Well, that is correct. South Indian languages also have such words. Feudal languages have words of respect for both men as well as women. If it is Sabh for men, then it is Memsahib for women. There is Thoo, Thum and Aaap. The issue is of respect for the big man or women. What about the small man or woman? Why should there be big and man differentiation in words. The issue is a big one and cant be discussed here.
    20 Febrero de 2009 - Ved036 #117
  • apihacker
    Tu , Tum and Aap is informal , semi-formal/informal and formal. Nothing to do with anyones socio-economic status. In present circumstances maybe it has been used in circumstances where a person from higher socio-economic status uses informal designation for a person of lower socio-economic status , but that has otherwise nothing to do with the language. I can call a "rich" - 'tu' and can address a "poor" person - 'aap'.
    20 Febrero de 2009 - apihacker #118
  • Ved036
    I know that this is not an appropriate forum for this debate. But I may just say that the words mentioned are not formal/informal as a Mr. Miss, or Mrs; but of respect/non-respect (and also intimacy). In fact, it is really connected to innumerable issues like age, gender, social & financial status, family, caste etc. It depends on many minor issues. You can call anyone anything, but each word has a benevolent/malignant affect on him/her. Same is the case, when others address you.
    20 Febrero de 2009 - Ved036 #119
  • Ved036
    On the society also, there is great affect. For ex. the inner code distance between an Indian senior police official & an ordinary Indian citizen is similar to that of the distance between the heights of Mt. Everest & the depths of Pacific Ocean. In English, it may be just a few meters apart. If you want to easily see the affect that I mentioned, see what happens when a government officer and a common man have a verbal fight & both go to an Indian Police Station. Dont think of solitary cases.
    20 Febrero de 2009 - Ved036 #120
  • KingOfMumbai1989
    this song is so awesome!!!
    20 Febrero de 2009 - KingOfMumbai1989 #121
  • 666psychoneurosis666
    Rubicon, must have some..
    20 Febrero de 2009 - 666psychoneurosis666 #122
  • elfidanto
    20 Febrero de 2009 - elfidanto #123
  • surgefast
    I am feeling young again. It was the best years of my life.Good old days in the 60's when the best songs old bollywood came out. The will always be a TIMELESS songLikewise one of the greatest movies of all times: ARADHANA
    20 Febrero de 2009 - surgefast #124
  • eyelashes12
    I love hindustani music!!!
    20 Febrero de 2009 - eyelashes12 #125
  • preet34
    i have been singing this song for many days now
    20 Febrero de 2009 - preet34 #126
  • surgefast
    I want to re-live 60's and 70's again.Oh my GOLDEN DAYS.todays music (sorry noise) is just BAKWAAS
    20 Febrero de 2009 - surgefast #127
  • millionstylez1
    i think they make a lovely couple
    20 Febrero de 2009 - millionstylez1 #128
  • obavva
    you are so funny...water buffalo...heh heh!
    22 Marzo de 2009 - obavva #129
  • maritu012
    you said it nothing like 60's and 70's.When I here it those oldies I just feel young again.I love it. IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    22 Marzo de 2009 - maritu012 #130
  • oneanu
    The song is shot at one take, without any cut / break.
    22 Marzo de 2009 - oneanu #131
  • sp67us
    sharmila is stunningly beautiful!
    22 Marzo de 2009 - sp67us #132
  • massavin
    the life of the song is kishore da voice please do not forget that . KISHORE DA ZINDABAD
    22 Marzo de 2009 - massavin #133
  • montyistic
    Romance can never get better than this.... truly awesome....
    22 Marzo de 2009 - montyistic #134
  • atulmina
    This movie (AARADHANA) was hit because of Kishorekumar & S.D. Burman only.
    22 Marzo de 2009 - atulmina #135
  • nehaha
    22 Marzo de 2009 - nehaha #136
  • gauharfatima
    Simply amazing song. R.D Burman at his best.
    22 Marzo de 2009 - gauharfatima #137
  • millionstylez1
    i am only 15 but i love old songs my mom is like a bollywood movie freak she loves the old movies and i have seen alot to know how it was back then
    22 Marzo de 2009 - millionstylez1 #138
  • asgvirgo
    Been listening to this since i was 8That was Golden period of Hindi film songs!
    22 Marzo de 2009 - asgvirgo #139
  • surgefast
    They don't make them like they used to. This song has been saying for 40 years now. Still going srong. Lets see if any new bollywood bakwaas lasts that long.There were only one Rafi, Kishore, Mukesh, Mahindera Kapoor and Manna Dey. Today's ones are just one dimensional.
    24 Marzo de 2009 - surgefast #140
  • halamafi
    My,grandmother,grandfather,Mot her,Father love this song,and the generation goees on,I luv it too,I'm only 15,I like old hindi songs and the new ones totally suck
    31 Marzo de 2009 - halamafi #141
  • SpeedDevil0817
    the mainstream ones suck that are always advertised first...some are pretty good still...but youre still right
    31 Marzo de 2009 - SpeedDevil0817 #142
  • eushaeusha
    You have some sense in you, lad. Good luck growing up. Stay the same... Old is gold... :)
    31 Marzo de 2009 - eushaeusha #143
  • rajaramraok
    The song conveys feelings with out vulgarity . That is how old Hindi movies worked
    31 Marzo de 2009 - rajaramraok #144
  • nyartmaker
    Well said Rajaram. That India we knew is now lost.
    31 Marzo de 2009 - nyartmaker #145
  • Ossammie
    maybe sharmila want to eat cows. She should go? to saudi arabia or other country to eat cow etc. NOt in INdia. why would any HIndu women do that ? Muslim women don't marry Hindu men ? I call the beef mouth - kissing beef mouths.
    7 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #146
  • lostsoul836
    Sharmila and Rajesh Khanna is the best jodi ever. Better than everyone else today.
    7 Abril de 2009 - lostsoul836 #147
  • horsenayarsab
    o, a song that will never die
    7 Abril de 2009 - horsenayarsab #148
  • cinnamonianpalona
    ossammie these guys are idiots and so r u denigrating women like this?
    7 Abril de 2009 - cinnamonianpalona #149
  • bhaktabhakta
    usa/int bankers out of the region....back to music: hey checkout Ghulam Ali - Saqi , a journey into 50 years of Ghazal, a taste of Ghulam Ali's Saqi you'll find here on youtube...check it out now!
    7 Abril de 2009 - bhaktabhakta #150
  • piyushdagar
    For user Ossammie - comment section is to comment on the song and this idiot is commenting out of the league. Wonder how? these people even get to use the computer.Nice song.
    7 Abril de 2009 - piyushdagar #151
  • AnInfant
    Ossammie:PLEASE SEE A PSYCHIATRIST! You really need it! I have a feeling if a psychiatrist saw you then he/she would recommend you to stay in the INSANE ASYLUM for your ENTIRE LIFE! ? Sorry for the unpleasant truth, but you have to face your problems some day RIGHT????
    14 Abril de 2009 - AnInfant #152
  • Ossammie
    Ossammie has managed quite successfully to get you ticked off, I would say that is quite an accomplishment for Ossammie bin Laden. I comments are coming from you and they belong to you - your thoughts - I do not accept them because you know didilly squat about me, so that remains your opinion which I assure you are quite invalid.
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #153
  • AnInfant
    You didn't tick me off PSYCHO...I am just havin' some fun! :)I SOOO wish I knew where you lived. If I did, I would've embarassed you SO much that you would cry and run away like a sissy. But that aint the case...too bad, my fun is limited to replying to your comments on youtube.
    14 Abril de 2009 - AnInfant #154
  • Ossammie
    an Arrogant brahmin in India - how much more psycho can you get - I live in the USA - NOT SHORT OF MONEY AND COMFORTS ETC. and you talk about pshyco. You live in a corrupted society. I live in Two develped countries including a paradise in South America. Who is the psycho ? even if you want to come get me you can't afford it. you steal etc. who is the psycho ?
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #155
  • Ossammie
    a PSYCO brahmin - very typical drunk with status - the fact is if you really want to know what are the qualties of true brahmin. Go to the Bhagvad Gita, it tells, NOT LAST NAME. IF ANYONE CHANGES THEIR NAME THEY CAN BECOME A BRAHMIN, IF NAMES MAKES YOU A BRAMIN. YOU VIRTUE MAKES YOU A BRAHMIN IDIOT !!! Bhagvad G. Chapt. 16. you might learn something IGNORAMUS !!! LOL !!!
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #156
  • Ossammie
    Do you know how many times I almost became a muslim or Christian - easier for me. Because Hinduism is a LOSER BECAUSE OF PSYCHOS LIKE YOU !!!!!
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #157
  • AnInfant
    By saying that, you are contradicting yourself. In your profile, you mentioned how Muslims and Christians are horrible people, and that eastern religions are better. NOW, you are saying you almost converted to Islam or Christianity. THIS TO ME IS A PERFECT PROOF OF THE FACT THAT YOU ARE A RETARDED SHALLOW-MINDED PSYCHO.And BY? THE WAY, I ALSO happen to live in USA. I have a house in the USA as well as in India. DO NOT SHOW OFF YOUR WEALTH! YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY WEALTHY AROUND, IDIOT!!!
    14 Abril de 2009 - AnInfant #158
  • Ossammie
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #159
  • Ossammie
    YOU Have proven here that YOU are the ONR with Mental problems - otherwise you would NOT? have enaged me into Conflict Especially if you are a Hindu - unless you are a pervert. Your NARROW MIND HAS PROVEN YOU HAVE MENTAL PROBLEMS. I HAVE MY VALUES AND PRINCIPLES UNLIKE YOU AND I DO PUSH THEM FOR THE BETTER GOOD.
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #160
  • Ossammie
    Go fight with muslims Coward ! Who knows ? Maybe you are a muslim posing as a Hindu. If you are HIndu and you are a doing this? Then there is no Hope left for Hindus and India. Nepal is already gone.?
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #161
  • Ossammie
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #162
  • Ossammie
    If I am so psycho as you claim, How come I have so much I don't even have to work ? can you claim that. Instead you SUCK the poor people money for puuja, etc. lying to them to oppress. You hide the TRUTH CONSTANTLY - what brahmin ? you mean Rakahas !!! Everybody and myself have problems excepting YOU LOL !!!!!
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #163
  • Ossammie
    Aren't you a brahmin PSYCHO ? So how come you'r looking at romantic stuff - twady cheap brah who ??????Hahahahahah LOL> BRAMINS DESTROYED INDIA. THEY ARE TAPEWORMS TO THEIR SOCIETY - THEY SUCK THE LIFE BLOOD - ONLY MONEY AND STATUS ! THEY DON'T EVEN SHOW ANY CONSCIENCE ! brahmin. THERE? ARE NO BRAHMINS IN KALI YUGA , CHECK SHASTRAS !!!!
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #164
  • Ossammie
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #165
  • cinnamonianpalona
    Ultimately it's one's personal choice isn't it?? And Pataudi was captain of the Indian cricket team, was "royal" and rich. She was practical. He had a history of dating non Muslims like Simi.The reverse happens-Hrithik, Sunil Shetty, Pankaj Kapoor married Muslims.These stars (whatever religion) care only abt money n fame.
    14 Abril de 2009 - cinnamonianpalona #166
  • lowscanner
    Ossammie you are off you head. Firstly what's it got to do with you who she married. If you truly are a Indian would know we are a tolerant people. With lots of religions..a lot of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. This is portrayed in every Indian Film. Wake up this is the 21st century. Which hole did you crawl out of......!!!!!????
    14 Abril de 2009 - lowscanner #167
  • Ossammie
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #168
  • Ossammie
    maybe sharmila want to eat cows. She should go to saudi arabia or other country to eat cow etc. NOt in INdia. why would any HIndu women do? that ? Muslim women don't marry Hindu men ? I call the beef mouth - kissing beef mouths.
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #169
  • AnInfant
    14 Abril de 2009 - AnInfant #170
  • Ossammie
    you are what you eat, eventually your mind is influence by that, that is why talk without any discrimiation - very dull.
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #171
  • Ossammie
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #172
  • Ossammie
    One of the objectives In gaining World power which started centuries ago by Christians and Muslims, is to wipe out completely Hinduism in India, like they did to every other societies like the Mayans etc. INDIA IS CONSIDERED UNFINISHED BUSINESS , TWO CENTURIES LATE FOR CONVERSION TO ISLAM and christianity. Nepal is already now Maoist and INdia the only Hindu Country in the World is yet to fall either? to islam or Christianity - the latter May succeed.
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #173
  • AnInfant
    14 Abril de 2009 - AnInfant #174
  • Ossammie
    =you don;t know what the word brahmin means ass-wipe !!
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #175
  • Ossammie
    hat is the Mandate. Sonia Gandhi and Hindus themselves will asisst this. Islam is angry because it has fall short of converting the Whole of India, thru marriage, movies or by any other means. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BELIEVE, BY THE TIME YOU REALIZE? I have spoken the Truth, It would be too late.
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #176
  • bollyking2000
    thank you! i am tired of looking up innocent things like old songs and getting 2000 comments about hindu this islam that india vs pakistan...bahut? bakwas hai
    14 Abril de 2009 - bollyking2000 #177
  • Ossammie
    At least I am NOT a Terrorists to Innocent people who are not politically? or militarily involved !!!! I guess your minds are too low to understand that eh ????
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #178
  • Ossammie
    sorry love, if that is your picture,? you seem like a nice girl. however becareful that you say nice things like a nice muslim girl - ok Larki ?lol
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #179
  • desigurl1008
    What are you talking about? Please try to type clearly. If you clicked on my? Id and saw my pic, yes that's me. I hope you did not call me a muslim. I'm hindu.
    14 Abril de 2009 - desigurl1008 #180
  • AnInfant
    desigurl1008:Totally? agree :)I almost feel sorry for people like him. They don't even understand that they have mental problems.
    14 Abril de 2009 - AnInfant #181
  • desigurl1008
    ahh what to? do...
    14 Abril de 2009 - desigurl1008 #182
  • nnawanit
    14 Abril de 2009 - nnawanit #183
  • AnInfant
    This is a romantic video. So WHY are these EMPTY-HEADED RETARDS talking? about religion and race?
    14 Abril de 2009 - AnInfant #184
  • SHashem82
    OMG! What is wrong with u ppl? Where does religion come from here? We are talking about a song! if you have to say something about religion create ur? own song about crazy can ppl really be? what the heck!btw I love this song...reminds me of old
    14 Abril de 2009 - SHashem82 #185
  • neeteesh
    14 Abril de 2009 - neeteesh #186
  • Ossammie
    TERRORISTS GO TO arabia or persia, ? out of USA, oUT OF INDIA, OUT OF EUROPE !!!
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #187
  • desigurl1008
    Calm down. I understand that you want to secure India and other countries against terrorists, and I agree with that, but Youtube is not the place to scream your opinions.? Please put your energy into doing something constructive about it instead of disturbing people who are trying to enjoy some classic music.
    14 Abril de 2009 - desigurl1008 #188
  • AnInfant
    14 Abril de 2009 - AnInfant #189
  • Ossammie
    The Prime Minister of India heard this. He thought, there is not a country in the world more religious that India. So he asked God the same question, and added, God, India worships you is so many ways, when will we be free of corruption ? GOD REPLIED as tears rolled down his cheeks, My dear Son Your country inspite of all the Good some are doing and attempting, I am sorry, Your country would NOT be free of corruption even in My Life Time.
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #190
  • Ossammie
    You only talk big. I have so much yet I Truthful enough to admit that I have social issues that bug me. But you don't have any problems in India, you are so problem free psycho.
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #191
  • diyanisha
    Love this song!
    14 Abril de 2009 - diyanisha #192
  • glooglox
    For those of you unaware, the Caste System has been formally abolished in India and people are trying honestly to remove the system's remaining prejudices from their hearts and minds. It's because of classists and elitists (like AnInfant and Ossammie) that the Caste System still has such a vicegrip on Indian culture. We are living in the 21st century and still debating about 20th century ideals? This makes me ashamed for the great country of India. India is too good for people like you two.
    14 Abril de 2009 - glooglox #193
  • Ossammie
    Even my grandfather was NOT born in India. But I always felt like India was my Home, my ancestry my mother. Now this Rakshas anIfant made me angry to swear at Mother India. I am not born In India, I love her, yet those who are born constantly think she is not good for them, they even betray, and provoke other Hindus with Big sick Egos - all of them want to be white. Even when I was In India - same thing. I so disgusted. Now I realize that no land is mother land - Men are Evil.
    14 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #194
  • lovelove262
    what movie.
    16 Abril de 2009 - lovelove262 #195
  • Ossammie
    The trial ("Alipore Bomb Case, 1908") lasted for one full year, but eventually Sri Aurobindo was acquitted. Afterwards Aurobindo started two new weekly papers: the Karmayogin in English and the Dharma in Bengali. However, it appeared that the British government would not tolerate his nationalist program as Lord Minto wrote about him: "I can only repeat that he is the most dangerous man we have to reckon with."
    17 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #196
  • Ossammie
    those idiots live in India and know nothing of the scarifice that the OLder Generations had to make. With the british firing live ammunition on women and children and these backward young guys come here to argue when they nothing of their History. YOu are Brazil of Portugese or Africa descent I assume or suppose, but sure you may understand what Scarifice means and Justice or do you ?
    17 Abril de 2009 - Ossammie #197
  • kkarthikjgd
    18 Abril de 2009 - kkarthikjgd #198
  • sangeez
    caste system is abolished...yes ..but prevails in another form called RESERVATION
    19 Abril de 2009 - sangeez #199
  • GBpueblo
    This song is so hot...especially when it s from those days. i would have been blessed just to be in that room with this true Indian beauty. Sharmila has gota be one of the most beautiful woman in the World at that time.
    19 Abril de 2009 - GBpueblo #200
  • BusyRiz
    Lesson to be learnt: There is a lot of chemistry between them, but then as we see, this turns into biology and ruins the bechari's life.
    20 Abril de 2009 - BusyRiz #201
  • lily4emerald
    u sure got the physics of this movie right havent u? im dying to watch this movie really! i have never seen it and it seems to have an interesting story line and god no website has it! it sux!
    20 Abril de 2009 - lily4emerald #202
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